This Chinese Electric Pickup Truck Is Dirt Cheap, Looks Like a "Land Rover" Golf Kart

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Photo: Shandong Keyu Special Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd
Keyu GMFKeyu GMFKeyu GMFKeyu GMFKeyu GMFKeyu GMF
What would you do if I told you that you could buy a brand-new pick-up truck for as little as $2,530? Like most normal humans, you're sure to be intrigued. Well, that's precisely the case with this next one. Oh, and it's also electric and clearly Chinese.
Ladies and gents, in my search for quirky and out-of-place vehicles, I discovered a machine dubbed the "Factory Direct Electric Minicar Automatic Low Speed Small Electric Truck." Clearly, we're not going to be calling it, but rather using its model identification code, GMF; that sounds a bit more normal and a whole lot less Chinese, sort of.

As for who makes the GMF, how it's able to sell for such a price, and what it brings to the table, all are questions we'll be answering today. So, our story begins with the minds and hands behind this ultra pocket-friendly machine, none other than Shandong Keyu Special Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd, or Keyu for short.

Now, the name Keyu is bound to mean very little to most people, myself included, but as I explored all this manufacturer has to offer, I realized that they've been in the EV game for several years now, having started its operations back in 2012, and by 2015, had already completed their first EV, a street sweeper. As things progressed, so did Keyu's lineup, and it now includes countless vehicles like three-wheel cargo cycles to utility trucks, upgraded street sweepers, lawnmowers, and the GMF, the heart of today's discussion.

Keyu GMF
Photo: Shandong Keyu Special Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd
Well, I'll be honest: I wasn't expecting a whole lot from a pick-up truck that costs a tad over $2,500 (€2,300 at current exchange rates), but after diving deeper into the GMF, I was actually impressed. At least, I'm impressed enough to want to order one and just put it through hell until it breaks down or catches fire; you do get a one-year warranty for some components the truck is built with. But by the time it's shipped over to wherever you are in the world, you'll probably only have a few more months left in your warranty anyway.

Starting with the exterior of the GMF, we can clearly see that Land Rover was a clear inspiration for what lies before us. The grill has the Rover look, and so does the emblem placement and the way the fender runs into the rest of the body, albeit with clear Chinese influence.

As we continue our trip around this bugger, we can spot two sets of doors, which really came as a surprise to me. However, the rear set of doors isn't for two more passengers but rather tools; according to a video on the manufacturer's product page, there's nothing but a workbench back here.

Keyu GMF
Photo: Shandong Keyu Special Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd
Finally, we arrive at the rear of the GMF, where a truck bed lies in wait. However, there isn't one image or camera angle that reveals precisely what this space looks like or how much cargo can be loaded up. All we know are some dimensions: 118 cm by 140 cm by 44 cm (46 in by 55 in by 17 in). In all, the entire GMF comes in with a length of 370 cm (146 in) and is 145 cm wide (57 in). It is, however, 165 cm (65 in) tall, so I can definitely see why Keyu used the word "Mini" in the product title or description.

Yet, one aspect of this thing's design that I just can't shake is those wheels. I don't know about you, but loaded up to the brim, I'm not sure the GMF would be able to get itself out of a pinch of sand, not to mention mud or any other malleable surface; this baby has tarmac written all over it, so your basic factory grounds should be a solid place for this, maybe even airport transport service, that kind of stuff.

The question is, does it have enough power to get things moving while under load? Well, that all depends on your definition of power. Overall, Keyu seems to give us the option for either a 3 kW, 4 kW, or 5 kW motor. Yet, another section of the product pages states that only 4 kW are in place.

Keyu GMF
Photo: Shandong Keyu Special Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd
Furthermore, there's nothing on torque output, but we do know that top speed maxes out at no more than 45 kph (28 mph). That has to be a software-determined limit, so if you have a friend who may be handy with computers and the like, that number may be adjustable. Once that's coupled with a 72 V 100 Ah or 200 Ah battery, the GMF is reported to reach 100 km (62 mi) and 150 km (93 mi), respectively. Drum brakes on the front and rear wheels are the basis for our safety, and a leaf-spring suspension is as basic as it gets.

Now, I could talk about the interior of this bugger, its touchscreen display, and the fact that Keyu makes a big deal out of this having power windows and a steering wheel, but it doesn't really matter how you look at it; this pick-up truck is only considered as such because of its form. In reality, it's an electric golf cart, one that costs a tad over $2,500, which is still a pretty good deal, and one I'd take up if I had some spare change; I'd go nuts testing this thing against everything that crosses my mind.
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