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This Charming $470K Float House Is a Boat Lover’s Dream Home on the Water

Due to the pandemic, many people all over the world started to rethink their housing options in search of more freedom and greater affordability. Tiny houses and various types of mobile homes, either on land or water, have become an interesting choice for many. For those who dream about living on the water without actually sailing away, this rustic float house could be a great alternative.
The Red House boasts a private deck with great views 17 photos
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Called “The Red House,” this floathome is bigger than conventional tiny homes at 893 square feet (82,9 square meters), but it still feels like one, mostly because it only has one lift-style bedroom. For those who would prefer having a boat waiting for them, instead of a car, the Red House would be the perfect thing because it’s located at the Mosquito Creek Marina in Lower Lonsdale, with a great view of Vancouver and the North Shore mountains.

Not only will the owner get to enjoy spending time on the beautiful private deck, surrounded by water, but there’s also space for mooring a small boat (under 20 feet/6 meters). Moorage for the house includes parking, dock maintenance, security, and recycling, plus hook ups to water and power, adding up to $14,600 (CAD $18,490) per year.

According to the Royal LePage Westside listing, this unique property combines the benefits of a beautiful house on the water with those of a condo, mainly affordability and easy maintenance. The white walls, contrasting with the dark floors, make it look more luminous, while the bright color accents in the kitchen add more spark. Antique French doors and a curved wall faced with cedar complete the rustic look. The bathroom is equipped with a large shower and a two-person bathtub, and a ladder leads to the loft-style bedroom.

The owner can also bring his or her pets, and this charming cabin onthe  water can also be rented out. It’s like living on a boat and enjoying the great view of the Marina every day, with the possibility of also having an actual boat nearby. The Red House is up for grabs, with an asking price of $470,600 (CAD $595,000).

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