This Car Phone Charger Has a Hidden Retractable Cable, Built-in Magnets

There are perhaps thousands of phone chargers built for cars, but a new product that’s now seeking crowdfunding support promises something unique.
The phone charger can be installed in the air vent 7 photos
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YOYOTAIL phone chargerYOYOTAIL phone chargerYOYOTAIL phone chargerYOYOTAIL phone chargerYOYOTAIL phone chargerYOYOTAIL phone charger
Called YOYOTAIL, this car phone charger can be installed in virtually any car thanks to multiple supported methods. For example, it fits in the air vent with a dedicated adapter, and the parent company promises it’ll securely stay in place even when going over speed bumps.

Using other mounts, including a suction cup, it can also be installed on the back of the car for those moments when you go to a picnic and want to watch a movie.

The special feature that makes YOYOTAIL more enticing is suggested by its name. The charger comes with a hidden retractable cable that measures one meter. It works exactly as you’d expect a retractable cable to work, so just pull it as much as you want, and you’re set.

The device creator says the cable can withstand over 10,000 pull-downs, according to pre-release tests. As such, it shouldn’t break after a few uses like other cheap chargers out there.

The auto-retracting cord makes it very convenient to manage cables in your car. When you’re done using the charger, you can just release the cable to trigger the auto-retracting system. The charger also comes with an auto-locking feature, so once you choose a desired length, it’ll stay in place without going back into the dock.

YOYOTAIL supports 15W wireless charger, and it sports MagSafe support. This means it was designed with iPhones in mind, but with a magnetic case, it can also work with Android devices. iPhone 12 and newer come with MagSafe integration, so they are all compatible with this charger.

The device features an LED indicator whose purpose is to show the charging status when a phone is connected. When the smartphone is fully charged, it turns green. When it’s still charging, a blue light stays on, and when the device encounters an error, the blue light starts flashing.

YOYOTAIL isn’t necessarily a unique product, but its feature arsenal certainly makes it an intriguing product, especially because it can theoretically be used with devices of all sizes. Sure, it may not be able to securely keep in place a tablet, but for most smartphones currently on the market, this shouldn’t be a concern.

The charger has recently been posted on Kickstarter, seeking crowdfunding support to come to be. The project is at 6 percent of the goal at the time of writing, but with 26 days to go until the campaign comes to an end, there’s still time to raise the necessary funds. The super early bird package is available on Kickstarter at $69, with shipping projected to begin next month if the campaign is successful.
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