This Cadillac Escalade IQ Wants To Trick You Into Thinking It's Real

The Cadillac Escalade is about to take an essential step into the future of the automobile. The GM-owned brand announced an all-electric derivative a couple of weeks ago, and shortly after, the model was spied in a premiere.
Cadillac Escalade IQ - Rendering 6 photos
Photo: Kolesa
Cadillac Escalade IQ - RenderingCadillac Escalade IQ - RenderingCadillac Escalade IQ - RenderingCadillac Escalade IQ - RenderingCadillac Escalade IQ - Rendering
Named the Escalade IQ, the company's flagship crossover will share many things with the Chevrolet Silverado EV and GMC Hummer EV, as they share the same battery and motor technology. On top of that, they're based on a construction dedicated to battery-electric models, which is known as the BT1.

The innovative platform and access to the assemblies of the zero-emission Hummer and Silverado will make the upcoming Cadillac Escalade IQ compatible with a wide range of powertrains. In the case of the former, it's available with up to 1,000 horsepower in the top-of-the-line configuration, whereas the latter enjoys a maximum of 664 hp. But which motor setups will make their way to the premium model? Only time will tell, but we wouldn't act surprised if it launches with a four-digit output in the punchiest flavor.

In the looks department, the scooped prototype has revealed a sleeker design that retains the overall boxy shape of the fossil fuel-fed variants, or so it appears anyway. Nevertheless, the roofline seems more arched towards the rear, and it could feature an illuminated face to tie it to the Celestiq and Lyriq and vertical taillights. It will also sport aero wheels that, together with the dedicated tires believed to have been made especially for this model, will help improve the total driving range.

We have yet to take a clear look inside, but if anything, it should be equipped with the larger full-width display found on the Celestiq. The 55-inch unit includes the screens for the digital instrument cluster and infotainment system, and it might get two more, one acting as the 'front command center.' The other could keep second-row occupants entertained on the go.

But while Cadillac is making sure that everything functions accordingly, pixel manipulators have already provided a look beneath the fake skin. These renderings came from Kolesa, and they imagine what the all-quiet version of the Escalade might look like. Mind you, at first glance, the styling is a lot to digest, with the closed-off and illuminated grille and weirdly shaped back end, though they might be on to something, to some extent anyway.

Will the upcoming Cadillac Escalade IQ resemble the one depicted in these digital illustrations? Maybe, maybe not, as we will find out later this year during the model's official unveiling - unless someone leaks it in the meantime. Finally, we will remind you that Cadillac wants an all-electric lineup by 2030, and the first-ever Escalade IQ will play a significant role in that.
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