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This Bugatti Veyron Vanity Plate May Cost More than the Car Itself

Vanity plates will never cease to be one of the simplest ways of burning cash and we’ve just come across a perfect example of this found in the UK. The Bugatti Veyron in the adjacent video is wearing the “1 B” plate and we’re betting this costs at least as much as the hypercar itself.
Bugatti Veyron Vanity Plate 1 photo
To get an idea of what the vanity plate market means in the UK, we’ll remind you that last year the owner of the “F1” plate, who is also the man behind the Kahn tuning project, turned down a GBP 6 million offer. The plate had been acquired back in 2008 for GBP440,000.

Perhaps the “1 B” plate has a smaller value, but it is still possible for it to be offered for a price greater than that of the vehicle wearing it. Moreover, it seems like the owner of this Bugatti likes to wash the car himself, with the video showing him performing some hose work - maybe the man follows Horacio Pagani’s example.

The wealthy automotive enthusiasts also happens to own a Mercedes McLaren SLR whose plate isn’t too shabby either, spelling “1 WAM”. Of course, this also receives the complimentary wash.

The uploader of the video, who is a supercar spotter in London, explains that the two hypercars are a rare sight in the city’s automotive landscape. Perhaps the man doesn’t have time to wash them too often...

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