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This Bugatti Veyron Replica Costs $125,000

Replicas, at least those targeting cars currently on the market, are generally a bad idea, but the one we are about to discuss has more than one reason to be filed under “wrong”. Ladies and gentlemen drivers, meet a Bugatti Veyron Replica that considers itself special.
 Bugatti Veyron Replica based on Pontiac GTO 5 photos
Bugatti Veyron Replica based on Pontiac GTOBugatti Veyron Replica based on Pontiac GTOBugatti Veyron Replica based on Pontiac GTOBugatti Veyron Replica based on Pontiac GTO
We’ve already listed the first reason for which this creation is a no-no and we’ll move on to the second - the donor car. We're talking about a 2004 Pontiac GTO automatic with 85,000 miles (136,850 km) on its odometer.

The modern GTO is already a pretty controversial car, since many enthusiasts disagreed with GM’s scheme - while the original GTO was credited for the birth of the muscle car era, the 2000s model was actually a rebadged Holden. Using the GTO as a base for a Veyron replica only makes such matters worse.

Don’t get us wrong, the GTO is a fine car by our standards, packing a reliable 350 hp and producing a respectable soundtrack. Another reason to see it left in its original shape.

The project is handled by a company called Santana Innovative Design, who cut off parts of the GTO to make ends meet. The body and chassis was then reinforced using metal tubing, while the Veyron shell was made using fiberglass.

Prepare your grain of salt, as the eBay ad of the car even states “It is very safe to drive, and will not present any problems in drivability.”

Since the company didn’t go with a Fiero and spent quite some time working on the fiberglass bits, we’ve now reached the final reason for which their creation is something one must avoid - a price tag of $125,000 (EUR 91,550 at the current exchange rates). Reporting straight from Captain Obvious’ shoes, we have to tell you that kind of money buys you a brand new sports car. Those willing to venture onto the used vehicle market will even have access to quite a lot of models, from Bentleys and Aston Martins to Ferraris and Lamborghinis.


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