This Brunette Says the Challenger Hellcat Is "F-ing Awesome"

We love the fact that somebody had the bright idea of making a Youtube channel just about girls and the Dodge Challenger Hellcat. After all, excellent cars and lovely ladies are the foundations upon which the Internet was founded.
This Brunette Says the Challenger Hellcat is F-ing Awesome 1 photo
That said, the SRT division's monster coupe is more of an analog machine, which is what you need when you want to scare a girl into using the F-word. It's a good thing that she's wearing the seatbelt the wrong way. Otherwise, this would have been a far less entertaining video.

As you all know, we're huge Dodge Challenger fans around the autoevolution office. We have reason to be, since the Hellcat version packs more power than a Lamborghini Aventador, but it also has a big trunk and a pair of rear seats. That's like having your cake and eating it.

Most Aventador owners pay something around $500,0000 with all the options, but the Challenger Hellcat can be yours for a fraction of that. Here to show you how much fun $60,000 gets you is a girl in a bikini. She doesn't have a face like Angelina, but she has a body like Kate Upton, so we can't complain about that.

Ford and Chevrolet probably have sleepless nights because of the Hellcat because it's the fastest muscle car you can buy in America. Leave the showroom, slap on some drag tires and it will do a 10.8-second quarter mile. It's also comfortable, available with a new 8-speed automatic and probably the nicest interior of any Dodge.

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