This BMW X6 M Versus Mercedes-AMG GLE63 S Coupe Comparison Is Just Right

Yesterday, we were showing you a comparison done by the Russians from DragTimesInfo of the Mercedes-AMG GLE63 S Coupe and the new BMW X5 M. There was a trick involved as well, as you might’ve guessed, the two models being tuned.
BMW X6 M vs GLE63 S Coupe 1 photo
Well, the Russians found that the BMW was a lot better. It steered better, handled better and outperformed the Merc even though it had less power to do so. While some might’ve hurried and said it was all just biased BS, here we are today, with a publication that has a lot more prestige to its name doing the same thing.

This time, though, the comparison is just right, as the Bimmer going up against the GLE Coupe is the X6 M, making them both hunchbacks for this review. The man in charge of hostilities is Jonny Lieberman, who normally isn't the funniest guy in the world. However, this time, he made us LOL and we haven’t had that feeling watching a MotorTrend video in a long while.

The whole thing is sprinkled with funny moments that may infuriate some but will surely make everyone chuckle. The “U” stuck in front of the “GLE” badge on the trunk of the Mercedes, the parking jobs the man pulls off, and the funny accents are just some of the fizzy bits of this video.

As for the cars, well, it’s starting to look the same everywhere you look. The BMW has less power (575 PS versus 585 PS for the S version of the GLE 63 AMG), but then again, it’s some 200 lbs (around 100 kg) lighter on its feet, and that’s just the beginning.

The AMG badge is known for its straight-line bruising character, but in this case not even that is saving the GLE, as the drag race set up by the MT crew shows that the BMW wins in that department as well.

As for the handling, well... Randy Pobst took both cars on the Willow Springs circuit and the BMW was almost four seconds faster on the 2.5-mile track. But all of these numbers mean absolutely nothing if you don’t feel right behind the wheel of the car you’re driving, and in this regard, there’s nothing the Affalterbach division of Mercedes can do about it.

Just look at Jonny's and Randy’s faces when they are driving. That’s all you need in order to know which car is better. Now, let’s check out the whole 20 minutes of V8 SUV madness.


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