This BMW Has Been Parked for So Long, It’s Now Growing Grass Under Its Bonnet

It’s truly shameful what some people do with their cars and how little respect they show for a piece of brilliant engineering that is still out of reach for many wannabe drivers. We’re talking about abandoned cars but also about those people that just don’t care about the state their ride is in.
Abandoned BMW E46 320i 6 photos
Photo: Daily Mail
BMW with grass under bonnetBMW with grass under bonnetBMW with grass under bonnetBMW with grass under bonnetBMW with grass under bonnet
You’ve seen them around, I’m sure, they’re those people that drive around with a busted taillight and body parts on various colors that make it hard to guess what the original paint was. It’s the kind of people that will also trash your car in the parking lot and then just simply leave, not caring about damaging other people’s property or their own for that matter.

All of this is happening while I’m worried about the tiniest screech coming from the wheels that nearly drives me nuts...

One such example could be the BMW E46 320i we’re showing you today. As it turns out, the owner was supposed to park it in the spot it is currently sitting in just for 30 minutes tops. How long did it end up staying there? Enough to grow some serious weed from under the bonnet.

According to the Daily Mail, the car has been stationed there for over three months, enough to get the attention of the authorities that started to look for the owner.

The problem is, the Bimmer seems to be in running condition, is insured and has MoT so it definitely doesn’t make sense to think that it was simply abandoned. And yet, we can’t find any other explanation.

The local police and a council spokesman claim that they tried everything they could to get in touch with the owner but it seems like nothing they did was successful.

It’s also a shame because in this case the car will be destroyed if nobody claims it. And that means a possibly good 2.2-liter inline 6-cylinder petrol engine will die with it. That’s if the thing still has an engine under the bonnet. We really can’t explain where the grass would come from if it was still in place...
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