This Beautiful Sailboat Got Turned Into an Unconventional Floating Home

The pandemic brought a new perspective on the concepts of isolation and freedom, which led to many people deciding to leave conventional living behind. Some went for wheels, others for sails. But if living full-time on a boat at sea is truly a challenging adventure that not many people can embark on, there’s also the option of spending just a vacation on board a stationary vessel.
Clementine is a sailboat turned into a vacation home at the Reefpoint Marina 8 photos
Clementine SailboatClementine SailboatClementine SailboatClementine SailboatClementine SailboatClementine SailboatClementine Sailboat
Living on a boat doesn’t sound like the easiest thing to do, but it has its undeniable charm. Clementine, a pretty 29-foot (8.8. meters) boat, proves it. Located in Racine, Wisconsin, this charming houseboat with sails can welcome two or three guests, but it doesn’t hit the waves.

The owners tried to make it as comfortable and cozy as possible, including basic amenities and a beautiful, nautical-inspired interior style. Clementine boasts two bedrooms, three beds, a half-bath, and a small kitchen area. According to House Digest, the bed in the main room can also be converted into a table so that the room becomes a dining area for those times when the guests don’t feel like eating out.

They also benefit from air conditioning and heating, and the boat has WiFi and a TV. The flushing toilet can be considered a luxury when living on board a vessel, and there’s a sink with hot/cold water. The tiny kitchen area includes a microwave, a fridge, and a coffee maker.

These amenities would be insufficient if the boat was somewhere in an isolated area. But Clementine sits comfortably at Reefpoint Marina, which is considered a resort marina. This means that guests can enjoy the charm of a rustic sailboat while still taking advantage of what the marina has to offer. And this includes access to clean showers, laundry facilities, restaurants, and shops. Best of all, the marina flaunts a heated pool and two hot tubs.

So, spending a vacation onboard Clementine is like getting the best of both worlds – you’ll feel what it’s like to live on a sailing boat while still enjoying the perks of the modern marina. More details are available at Airbnb.

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