This Bearded Man Has a RWD Nissan GT-R with Color Flip Paint

We don't have Jeremy Rohrs' email address, but if we did we wouldn't know whether to ask about the perfect beard balm or how he got his GT-R to be so cool.
Nissan GT-R 15 photos
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With tens of thousands of R35 models out there and even more poised to hit the assembly line before Nissan gets off its high horse and gives us the R36 (likely in 2020 or later), it's difficult to stand out.

In the world where everybody takes advantage of the GT-R's all-wheel-drive system to make a drag racing machine, Jeremy deleted his front prop shafts and converted his personal Godzilla into a drifter.

The bearded guy also knows a thing or two about custom paint, being the owner of an auto shop called Pearls & Pigments. No, they don't sell retro women's jewelry, but custom paint like the one you see here.

I recently read a meme saying how it's trendy to wear a beard, but most men with them can’t even change their own oil. Jeremy Rohrs, the owner of Pearls & Pigments, is not one of those guys. As genuine as it gets, he’s built a truly unique Nissan GTR and put in the hand time doing most of the work himself,” says Vossen.

We've shown you this custom GT-R before, about a year ago. Since then, a couple of things have changed for the better. You've probably noticed that his original plasti-dip is gone and replaced by all new “AutoFlex” paint.

AutoFlex is described as the world's first Professional Grade, high gloss, Reelable Auto Paint. You can still wax it, polish it and buff it clean, but the coat is easily peeled off the car when you're bored with the look.

Not only does the 3.8-liter V6 engine now send all of its power to the rear wheels but it also received a 650 horsepower tune. The result is one of the few street GT-Rs in the world that can drift. Of course, since this photo gallery is provided by Vossen Wheels, we have to mention the Forged VPS-307 wheels that were freshly fitted to the car. They measure 20×10 inches at the front and 20×12 inches in the rear using 285/35/20 front and 335/30/20 tires to stick to the road.

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