This Beach-Style Luxury Tiny Home Is a Vacation Dream Come True

Frisco Tiny House boasts a relaxed yet elegant ambiance, perfect for beach vacations 25 photos
Photo: Modern Tiny Living
Frisco Tiny HouseFrisco Tiny HouseFrisco Tiny HouseFrisco Tiny HouseFrisco Tiny HouseFrisco Tiny HouseFrisco Tiny HouseFrisco Tiny HouseFrisco Tiny HouseFrisco Tiny HouseFrisco Tiny HouseFrisco Tiny HouseFrisco Tiny HouseFrisco Tiny HouseFrisco Tiny HouseFrisco Tiny HouseFrisco Tiny HouseFrisco Tiny HouseFrisco Tiny HouseFrisco Tiny HouseFrisco Tiny HouseFrisco Tiny HouseFrisco Tiny HouseFrisco Tiny House
There's no doubt about the massive influence tiny living has had on contemporary hospitality and the popular glamping concept. Tiny houses are increasingly popular rental options for guests and owners alike. They offer an affordable, comfortable way to connect to the outdoors while maintaining an overall high living standard; for those who are bold enough, they have the potential to become a life-changing investment, as so many rental units on wheels have turned out to be.
Who doesn't love a good beach house? Beach homes embody all the wonderful feelings and memories most of us tend to associate with vacations by the sea or the ocean. The contemporary mobile versions that come on wheels add even more qualities to the classic beach house concept, starting with the game-changing freedom of movement and including affordability. Tiny living allows more people to embrace the beach lifestyle without breaking the bank and even turning their vacation home into a prosperous rental unit with minimal investment.

Frisco is one of these beautiful vacation rentals on wheels and one of the numerous successful projects completed by Modern Tiny Living. This company has reached celebrity status in the world of tiny living thanks to a remarkable, long-lasting market success. It's easy to see why Modern Tiny Living models are so popular, and it has a lot to do with flawless craftsmanship and luxury finishes.

Frisco is inspired by the village with the same name, a lovely surfing and fishing destination in North Carolina. This was the final destination for Frisco, designed and equipped to operate as a chic, luxurious hotel on wheels. This also explains why you won't find massive storage or a complete range of full-size appliances inside this tiny home.

Frisco Tiny House
Photo: Modern Tiny Living
Although based on what this builder claims to be "one of the most livable" tiny home designs on the market (the Mohican), Frisco was stripped of some of the long-term accommodation features. Instead, it exudes a much more relaxed, airy layout suitable for the ultimate beach vacation ambiance.

Frisco isn't about how to pack as many functionalities as possible within a 20-foot (six-meter) frame; it focuses more on interior design, lavish comfort, and informal luxury. Real luxury always starts with high-quality materials and finishes, and all Modern Tiny Living models excel in this area. Frisco is no exception, boasting gorgeous custom-made furniture in dark, chocolatey tones, which looks even more stunning against the all-white backdrop.

Frisco wasn't decorated in the classic coastal style with maritime-inspired accents and a color scheme in shades of blue. It exudes a much more subtle beachy vibe, starting with the beautiful all-white shiplap walls throughout, including the loft bedroom. Luxury vinyl plank was chosen for the flooring throughout the house, providing both texture and color.

Frisco Tiny House
Photo: Modern Tiny Living
Huge windows are another key piece of the puzzle. The whole point of a tiny house hotel is to enhance people's connection to the natural surroundings and to invite the outdoors in for an immersive experience. While Frisco doesn't boast the same indoor/outdoor flow as contemporary open-concept tiny homes, it does offer spectacular views, abundant natural light in every corner, and a sense of openness.

The lounge seems almost surrounded by panoramic views, thanks to a combination of large windows and a glass front door. Both the kitchen and the bathroom ditch common storage solutions in favor of expansive windows. Last but not least, the loft bedroom looks wonderfully luminous, airy, and open, thanks to the clever integration of big windows.

The minimal design and open-concept layout enabled Frisco to remain airy and spacious despite the custom-made furniture that has a heavy, bulky quality. The beautiful bookcase in the lounge is a Modern Tiny Living trademark feature; it's a storage solution and a decorative piece at the same time. The massive staircase offers ample storage, while the open-work handrail adds a sense of transparency that counteracts the bulkiness of the staircase.

Frisco Tiny House
Photo: Modern Tiny Living
A custom-made sofa with hidden storage was added in order to provide extra accommodation for one or two people. Frisco is a one-bedroom house but it can comfortably sleep up to four guests. The master bedroom is easily accessed via the classic staircase with a safety handrail and it's fitted with a protection barrier in the same open style that doesn't block the view. A delicate bench on one of the walls offers storage without taking up additional floorspace, which leaves enough room for a walk-around double bed.

This chic beach hotel on wheels also boasts custom dining solutions. Since there was no need for full-length storage underneath the countertop, a large section could double as an informal breakfast bar with one or two seats. Additionally, a clever foldable table in the transition area between the lounge and the kitchen is a versatile item that can be used as a private dining spot for one, a snack bar, and even a home office for guests who still need to work on vacation.

Dainty corner shelves throughout the house, including the bathroom, offer just enough storage for a vacation rental while also doubling as elegant decor. A wardrobe is also provided near the kitchen entry, hidden behind a multi-functional, tall bookcase. As a result, the home looks impeccably clutter-free while still allowing guests to organize their personal items in the most practical way.

Frisco Tiny House
Photo: Modern Tiny Living
With only a few modifications for full-size appliances and additional storage, Frisco could easily become a long-term vacation home. As a hotel on wheels, it offers the luxurious comfort and cozy ambiance of a classic home. With its elegant beach style and cozy features, Frisco is an inspiring home away from home.

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