This Aviation Watch Was Designed for Fighter Jet Pilots, Passed Some Crazy Tests

There are many aviation watches on the market, but a lot of them are just inspired by aircraft design, or maybe use some type of manufacturing technique that’s specific to aerospace. But the watches that Bremont has been creating in collaboration with Martin-Baker are something else. The newest creation comes in a desert-inspired color scheme, even more in line with the aviation theme.
The MB Savanna is the newest addition to a collection developed together with a major player in military aviation 13 photos
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Martin-Baker is a reputable engineering company specializing in pilot safety systems and providing ejector seats for air forces all around the world. Back in 2007, a collaboration between Martin-Baker and Bremont was launched, with the purpose of developing a true aviation watch. This meant that it wouldn’t be just a beautiful work of art, but a tough watch that could actually be capable of withstanding the force that is unleashed when pilots activate their ejector seats.

What followed is that all watches in the MB collection had to go through a comprehensive series of tests, including ones specific to aviation. Extreme temperature endurance, altitude testing, vibration testing, MFOS crashworthy testing and live ejection testing – these were some of the challenges that qualified the MB timepieces as aviation watches. And not just that, but watches that are suitable for pilots that fly military aircraft with ejector seats.

The seconds hand counterbalance is in the shape of a black and yellow ejector seat loop, and it represents the Martin-Baker seal of approval, confirming that each MB watch has successfully passed the required tests.

Made from grade 5 titanium, the 43 mm case is not only extra-durable, but also in line with the overall aviation theme. The new MB Savanna is powered by the modified caliber BE-36AE automatic chronometer, and it comes with a 38-hour power reserve. It also features a patented anti-shock movement mount and a patented bi-directional Roto-Click bazel.

Strikingly different from the other models in the collection, Savanna features a sand-colored metal dial and a rubber strap, in a neutral tone that was inspired by the desert. This $6,400 (£4,595) timepiece is not just about the distinctive design, but about strength and resilience.


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