This Australian Truck Camper Is Light, Has All You Need, and Can Even Go Off-Road Crazy

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Photo: Active Campers
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Sure, a big ol' RV or travel trailer is nice and all, but sometimes, we just want, no, need, something that's on a different level. For people like us, truck campers are the way to go, and today, we'll be exploring the Vantage 2.1 from Australia's Active Campers.
Folks, the name Active Campers will surely ring a bell to some, especially if you remember their Vantage 2.4 camper we covered some time ago. If you don't, it's not a problem, as the 2.1 is also built in the image of its brethren, but before we dive deeper into this bed-mounted habitat, let's check out the crew behind the magic.

Now, Active Campers has been around since 2002, so they're going on their 24th year of activity in a market already saturated with choices, and the way they stayed alive was by offering future owners something special, which brings us to the 2.1.

For starters, what we're looking at today does not include a truck; you'll have to bring your own. Once you do, Active Campers will integrate this mobile bedroom onto the wheels it needs. But what are they mounting onto your truck?

Vantage 2\.1
Photo: Active Campers
Well, everything starts with nothing other than that fiberglass shell you see. It's crafted with honeycomb sandwich panels, so you can expect a light and durable construction that'll also fight off the elements with ease. I mean it; fiberglass campers have been found in operating order even after 50 years of sitting around in a garage. Of course, those are units that have been cared for, so take care of this one, too. Oh, and might I mention that a dry Vantage 2.1 will weigh as little as 520 kg (1,164 lbs)?

But, the real attractive feature of the shell is the roof. Suppose you've indulged in the image gallery. In that case, you'll have noticed that the 2.1 is crafted with a pop-top roof, and once you've chosen the place for your temporary home, let those air springs work their magic.

Once they do, part of the shell will be composed of rip-stop fabric with window cutouts along the sides and at the front of the unit. While that may not sound like the warmest setting in the world, window covers, and a heater will take care of all that. Then, there's the added beauty of waking up to the sights and sounds of the world outside.

Vantage 2\.1
Photo: Active Campers
Active has chosen such a design because aerodynamics and on-road capabilities are a factor, leading to a streamlined camper with a lower center of gravity while in transit. But there's another benefit, too. If a rough storm hits and you're forced to drop the roof because of the way the cab-over section is shaped, you can still use the bedding by moving the pillows toward the other end of the bedding. Let the sounds of hail smashing against your roof sing you to sleep.

Since we're already talking about the interior of this studio on wheels, allow me to point out that you'll find all the comforts of home inside this puppy. This includes an L-shaped galley block that's as large as the kitchen block in my two-bedroom apartment, cabinetry included, a dinette seating arrangement composed of two opposing seats and a slide-out table, and even space for a wet bath with a toilet tucked away in the corner near the side entrance. Honestly, what more do you need?

Oh, off-grid systems? For starters, there are 85 liters (22.5 gals) of freshwater on board, pumps and gauges included, a 120 Ah battery with Redarc charger, but solar panels are extra. Speaking of extras, an outdoor shower can be thrown in, another battery, and a TV too.

Vantage 2\.1
Photo: Active Campers
As for storage, there's really no lack of places where you can hide clothes, gear, tools, foodstuffs, and even toys like fishing rods, climbing gear, and inflatable kayaks. Heck, if my knowledge of this industry is on point, you could even bring along a bike rack and explore even deeper into forgotten lands with a pair of e-bikes.

Actually, you can just leave the 2.1 back at base camp, slide your truck out from under it, and use the vehicle you trust and love to explore the local landscape. Think about that for a second, and you'll understand why truck campers are one of the fastest-growing trends of 2024; pay attention to the numbers.

So, how much is one of these babies going to run us? Well, being an Australian crew, Active Campers' pricing may surprise you: they're asking for no less than $79,500 Australian for a standard Active 2.1. That's the equivalent of roughly $53,000 American, which may be a tad more than some are willing to pay for a truck camper, but don't forget, this manufacturer only has two models in their lineup, and those two models are the result of over 20 years of experience, so they're doing something right; find out what.

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Editor's note: Images in the gallery also showcase the Vantage 2.4.

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