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This ATV Fail Was So Close to Being a Win

It's rather hard to believe that the title of this video is accurate, but you can just never tell. Frankly, it matters less whether the guy is driving and ATV for the first time or not, what follows is more important and funnier.
This could have been a nice win, but it was not meant to be 1 photo
Still, we can almost vouch for the fellow's lack of experience when it comes to riding an ATV on uneven terrain. The way he fails to assess the right position when climbing the small bank is quite eloquent, though he seems to know how to wheelie.

We have seen a lot of guys with similar "skills", so this is not a surprise. We've had our fair share of chaps who were more preoccupied of wheeling in traffic than learning how to stay on the safe side... and many of them, obviously, crashed like morons in situations where even rookies would have done better.

It's not clear what this rider wanted to do, even though we'd go for an attempt to climb the small ramp while wheeling and then landing in a pure "like a boss" manner. However wheeling on straight terrain is nothing like wheeling while climbing, as the end of the ramp needs a very swift body weight shift toward the rear.

This chap was nowhere near quick enough and the ATV bucked him vertically, making him virtually perform a handstand on the handlebars for a few meters. If he could return to a more casual riding position, we would have certainly dubbed his stunt an epic, if involuntary win. But it just wasn't meant to be, not this time, at least.

Still, a handstand on the bars is a very interesting and crazy idea! Wonder how much until a proper stunt rider picks it up...

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