This Angry Guy Shows You How Not To Ride A Motorcycle

Being aggressive in traffic, especially on a motorcycle, won’t get you too far. Sooner or later karma might have a thing to say, and you might be in a ditch regretting your last decision. And this Australian rider is the perfect example of what not to do on a motorcycle.
Rider breaks car mirror off 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from YouTube
Us, humans, are very impulsive creatures, but we are among the very few ones who can also control their emotions and take appropriate measures, which should include keeping calm in traffic.

As a daily rider, I can confirm there are a lot of idiots behind the wheel out on the streets who seem to be hunting you down. And, yes, there are moments I wish I had superpowers and emit powerful shockwaves to throw every single cager off the road into huge balls of fire.

But then I remember such things only exist in movies, so the key to survive in a sea of incompetent driver-license carriers is to act like some sort of a shadow warrior among them.

That stupid c*#t texting while driving might have merged into you, but breaking off his/her mirror and cursing won’t solve anything. In a worst case scenario, the selfish prick behind the wheel might have the worst day ever, and you could be the one who makes that said person snap and try to really injure or kill you.

Such ill-actions are perfectly illustrated in the video compilation below for you to check out and try to avoid in the future. The protagonist here is an Australian rider going by the name of Daryl Lonigan on YouTube.

Violence actions will almost always generate more violence. You might scare off some women drivers by yelling and hitting their cars, but this won’t work the same with everyone, and you should keep in mind that you’re like a squishy insect compared to their metal protective cage on wheels.

Be vigilant all the time, observe the traffic, try to predict what’s going to happen, and avoid riding in other vehicles’ blind spots. Don’t ever believe the drivers will care for your well-being and prepare to take evasive actions as soon as something seems off.

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