This Android Auto Bug Makes Mazda Drivers Go Crazy, No Workaround Yet

If you’re driving a Mazda and Android Auto stopped working all of a sudden at one point in the last few weeks, you can rest assured because you’re not alone in this.
The bug mostly seems to hit Mazda cars 7 photos
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As it turns out, Android Auto now freezes, crashes, or just stops responding on Mazda cars at random moments, with drivers claiming that it’s most often just a matter of time until this behavior occurs.

In some cases, the bug is triggered when toggling between apps, so for example, if you run Google Maps on the car’s HUD and tap the Spotify icon, this is the point when Android Auto just crashes. Others claim the whole thing happens after five or ten minutes of use, even if high-speed cables that worked perfectly until now are being used.

The phone model doesn’t seem to be making a difference, as similar issues are reported with Samsung, Huawei, and OnePlus models running either Android 9 or Android 10. The latest Android Auto version is installed on these devices, according to user reports, and no change has been made before the bug was spotted for the first time.

Typical workarounds like uninstalling Android Auto, clearing the cache, and even resetting the phone do not resolve the problem, although some Mazda drivers claim these sometime make the bug go away temporarily.

At this point, it looks like the glitch only happens on Mazda models with AIO tweaks, so once the cause is discovered, an update should help bring things back to normal.

I am having the same problem. It started about 2 weeks ago. Same versions as you. I have found that if you set navigation and then switch away from maps or Waze, it doesn’t do this. I still get the navigation directions, I just cannot view the map,” one user explains on Mazda3Revolution forums. “Tried different cables, uninstalling(or disabling) and reinstalling AA, and maps, audible, Spotify (those are the only 4 I really use). Phone is a Samsung S10 if it helps. It’s really frustrating.

No workaround seems to exist right now, but Google is expected to release a new Android Auto in the coming days, so it remains to be seen if a fix is included or not.


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