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This Android App Brings the Full Android Auto Experience to Phones

At this point, Google is offering two different versions of Android Auto, one that can run on the head unit in the car and an alternative that launches on the phone screen and which is particularly aimed at users whose stereo systems do not come with such capabilities.
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But at the same time, Google is also working on an Android Auto for phones alternative, so it’s developing a driving mode for Google Maps that would sport very similar features.

As compared to the full version of Android Auto, the phone experience is obviously more limited, though the basic functionality is still there. But of course, everything is configured in such a way that it makes sense on the smaller display of a mobile device.

A new app called AutoZen, however, promises to bring the full Android Auto experience to your smartphone, all alongside a series of other extras that you’re going to love.

First and foremost, it’s important to know this is a car launcher that looks and feels like Android Auto on the head unit, but one of its major drawbacks is that it comes with a hefty price tag if you want to unlock all premium capabilities.

And there’s a chance you’ll want that, as they include speed camera warnings on the map and other exclusive features not available for free.

AutoZen offers turn-by-turn navigation powered by Mapbox, and it obviously allows you to get directions to a user-defined destination, see speed limits right on the map, and even control everything with voice commands. Like Android Auto, AutoZen allows you to make phone calls, send and receive messages, and get access to your calendar appointments to view your daily agenda.

At the first glance, this is one of the best Android Auto replacements on a mobile device, but on the other hand, the $30 price tag for a lifetime subscription is something that could convince lots of people to stick with the original Google app.


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