This All-American Teardrop Cost Me Only $17,000 To Complete and Ready for a Family of Four

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Every day, I'm out there searching for the best deals on campers and travel trailers, and if there's one style that is the most affordable, it's the teardrop. Well, in that spirit, we explore UkanCamp's Scissortail Squaredrop, which is a sort of teardrop on steroids.
Ladies and gents, UkanCamp is one of those crews that I'd never heard of until today. However, they've been around since 2010 (official website launch) and, in those years, have focused their attention on nothing other than the timeless teardrop. These days, there are several models to choose from, but the biggest and most expensive is the Scissortail, an off-road and family-ready unit that actually costs a whole lot less than you'd think.

As I mentioned, this is UkanCamp's most expensive unit, with a starting price set at no more than $11,500...wait a minute, "expensive?" Ok, so I was just messing around by calling the Scissortail "expensive," and that's really one of the strong points for this unit. That is, however, the price for a standard unit, and by the time you're done loading on options and features, you may be looking at a unit priced around $17K, like the one I configured. Let's see what that sort of price can offer.

Photo: UkanCamp Campers
First, as standard, the Scissortail is designed to handle the lifestyle of just two guests, but with an optional roof rack and roof-top tent, that number can be expanded to four guests. Oh, and just so we're on the same page here, this unit, and all others, for that matter, are handcrafted in UkanCamp's shop in Oklahoma, so if you do end up ordering a unit, it can also take up to 60 days before it's completed.

Overall, units start with a welded and powder-coated chassis upon which your choice of suspension can be added. Above all that, in classic teardrop fashion, plywood is used to bring the shell to life. With insulation and an aluminum exterior skin, you're set to hit the countryside in an RVIA-certified unit.

From here, we can explore the features this puppy has in place as standard, and frankly, this may be the only downside to this story. While a Scissortail is still fresh off the assembly line, there won't be much making up the unit except for what I've already mentioned, and some light electrical work like LED lighting, 30 A shore power connection, 110 V outlets, and USB ports; the rest you'll need to pay extra for, but as I mentioned, with a few thousand more, you can be ready to roll with a completed unit.

Photo: UkanCamp Campers
For example, the interior is ready with its typical cabinetry, but you will need to purchase a mattress for an extra $375; a convertible dinette/sofa/bed is $500 extra. Reading lights, AC, and a roof vent are also extra.

Then it's onto the exterior. In classic teardrop fashion, the Scissortail has an outdoor galley in place, but just like the rest of the story, anything you may need is extra. This is true for the cooktop, fridge, and 12-gallon water tank. I saw nothing about a sink and faucet, and the image gallery reveals why: yup, you'll have to grab it as extra, too.

As for the rest of the Scissortail, you can grab spare tires, jerry cans, storage boxes, and an integrated dining table, but the real attractive feature is the roof rack. With this option, you'll unlock this camper's true potential by adding a rooftop tent and an awning.

Not to mention that you can leave the kids at home and simply use this space for a couple of kayaks or bicycles and take that anniversary trip you've been yearning for. If you plan on rougher adventures, be sure to look into an upgraded suspension package that unlocks off-road use, solar writing, and a 100 Ah battery to really get away from it all.

Photo: UkanCamp Campers
For the remainder of this introduction to the Scissortail, take a moment out of your busy day to picture yourself in the center of all that you see in the gallery. Feel the cool mountain air rushing into your lungs and hear the birds chirping in rustling treetops. If your daydream has you planted on a beach, you know what to do. Enjoy the stay.

The last thing I want to add to this whole Ukancamp business is the fact that this crew is Veteran owned and operated, so you know you're getting your hands on a 100% proudly American product, and maybe, just maybe, if you're a Veteran too, you may be able to open up a few possibilities under the UkanCamp umbrella.

If the Scissortail has your attention, then there's only one other thing you can or need to do: give this crew a call and go from there. You may never even need to leave your couch as this UkanCamp even offers a delivery service for their campers. And to think, all that for a price that's within reach for just about anyone who owns a vehicle; if you have cash to put gas in your tank, you have bucks for a Scissortail.
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