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This Adorable Mini-Camper Combines RV Living With the Benefits of a Tiny Home
"Downsizing" has become a buzzword nowadays. People are looking to live a simpler lifestyle – and they're opting for smaller houses and smaller vehicles that could offer that. For those who want to experience both the benefits of a tiny home and the freedom associated with RVs, White House Camper's Honda N-Van Compo might just be the ideal candidate.

This Adorable Mini-Camper Combines RV Living With the Benefits of a Tiny Home

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The west enjoys a large variety of options for those looking to go RVing, and they usually tend to stay in the big department. But when it comes to compact vans that pack a lot of features, the Japanese really know how to downsize.

And we often see that with their Kei car and the campers based on them, which are a class of campers entirely unique to Japan. These vehicles' versatility and clever packaging solutions are what impresses everyone. They're a great alternative for folks who want to experience the #vanlife lifestyle but don't have the budget to maintain the big conventional vehicle associated with outdoor exploration.

And this mini-camper conversion from Japan-based White House Camper seems to fit the description. The vehicle is based on Honda's tiny N-Van Kei car, which was introduced in 2018 for the Japanese market. It's powered by a 660cc engine that produces just about 53 hp in its naturally aspirated form and 63 hp with turbo.

It measures 11.1 ft (3.3 meters) in length, which makes it about 1.7 ft (about half a meter) shorter than a Mazda MX-5 Miata. That's truly the definition of "small." But, surprisingly, this tiny camper can fit a lot inside.

Not only that, but with the pup-up tent added by White House Camper, the space can be expanded. According to the manufacturer, two adults can sleep inside the tent. Thanks to the two mesh windows, travelers can enjoy the breeze and the natural light that fills up the interior.

When not in use, the bed can be removed for extra headroom (you'd get about 70.8 inches/180 cm in total). The N-Van Compo comes in three flavors that reflect a different layout, namely the Style-One, Style-Two, and Cabin.

Style One has everything placed at the rear of the vehicle. That includes the kitchen area, which comes with a sink, a foldable table, and a freshwater tank. On top of the sink, there's also a microwave and plenty of storage space. Bed mats can be positioned from the rear to the driver's seat to fit one adult with extra room to spare.

Those that choose Style Two are in for a layout in which the kitchen area is placed at the rear, on the right side. In this way, on the opposite side, several shelves are installed where the cookware can be put away. Features include an outlet that can be used for charging devices, the same foldable table, a sink, and a comfortable mat for sleeping.

The Cabin layout uses every inch of space. This time, the driver's seat can be rotated to provide more room that can be utilized either for expanding the sleeping or the kitchen areas. The package also includes a refrigerator and a screen door that keeps insects away.

As for the exterior, there's not much that White House has done other than mounting a bike rack. The rack can be folded if it's not needed. The manufacturer also provided some options to expand the space once again.

Travelers can choose to install a side awning and open the door completely in order to create their own terrace shaded from the sun or rain. They can also opt to add another room to the camper that attaches to the side awning and comes with mesh windows on every side.

The price for this N-Van Compo starts at ¥2,234,100, which is about $19,383. It can go up, though, depending on the interior style chosen and the features added.

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