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Hoard of Abandoned Classic Cars Was Completely Reclaimed by Nature

With millions of old cars that haven't been scrapped yet, the world is full of junkyards. But while most of them are usually still in business selling cars and parts, some are kept hidden from the public eye. Others have been abandoned long ago and reclaimed by nature, which makes them difficult to find.
classic car hoard abandoned in the woods 6 photos
classic car hoard abandoned in the woodsclassic car hoard abandoned in the woodsclassic car hoard abandoned in the woodsclassic car hoard abandoned in the woodsclassic car hoard abandoned in the woods
The place you're about to see below is one of those car graveyards that are almost entirely covered in vegetation. Located somewhere in the United Kingdom, it's not exactly a junkyard, though. It looks more like a property that used to include a repair shop and a yard full of cars. And here's the interesting thing: whoever owned this place was a big fan of the first-generation Ford Escort.

You may not see all that many cars due to the trees and the overgrown plants, but there are more than 10 Escort Mark Is in there. Sadly, all of them are in pretty bad shape, having rotted away after spending a lot of time exposed to the elements. While there's no obvious indication as to when this hoard was abandoned, it's safe to assume that it happened quite a few decades ago.

Are these cars rare and valuable? Well, not exactly. I mean, yes, the RS versions of the early 1970s are sought-after classics, as are the rally-spec cars, but most of them aren't worth much. Especially examples that have been destroyed beyond recognition by the elements.

And while seeing more than 10 Escorts in one place may seem "absolutely crazy," according to YouTube's "The Bearded Explorer," who documented this find, we need to remember that many of these cars were sold for cheap in the 1980s.

But regardless, it's still a fabulous find. I'm actually a fan of the first-gen Ford Escort and seeing them like this makes me a bit sad. But fortunately enough, there are still plenty of examples in a solid condition out there.

While most of these cars don't seem special, one stands out of the bunch thanks to a roll cage. It's difficult to tell whether it used to be a rally or a track car, but it's definitely not your average Escort. But needless to say, it would have been a nice item had it survived in one piece.

Unfortunately, the explorer doesn't want to reveal the exact location of this place, so you're going to have to settle for the video walkaround below.

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