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This 3,000-Car Junkyard Is an Open Air Museum for the Zombie Apocalypse

Junkyards are a great place to explore if you're into old and derelict cars, but sometimes they can be rather creepy. It's not the case here, but this massive, 3,000-car scrapyard could very well be the set for a zombie apocalypse movie.
3,000-car junkyard in Sunset, Texas 8 photos
3,000-car junkyard in Sunset, Texas3,000-car junkyard in Sunset, Texas3,000-car junkyard in Sunset, Texas3,000-car junkyard in Sunset, Texas3,000-car junkyard in Sunset, Texas3,000-car junkyard in Sunset, Texas3,000-car junkyard in Sunset, Texas
Located in Sunset, Texas, this junkyard goes by the name Browne Auto Salvage. And this tour by YouTube's "Heat of Texas Barn Finds and Classic's" shows just how big this place is. And what a massive variety of vehicles it includes.

Of course, the place is packed with iconic American automobiles, including muscle cars from the golden era. I spotted a couple of Dodge Chargers, quite a few first-generation Ford Mustangs, as well as a hoard of AMCs. But this junkyard will also take you on a trip down memory lane thanks to its massive collection of 1950s and 1960s cars.

You'll see everything from Fords and Lincolns to Chevrolets and Cadillacs from that era, as well as nameplates from automakers that are no longer with us, like Plymouth, Mercury, and Edsel. Studebakers too.

This junkyard is actually packed with Studebakers. Golden Hawks, Silver Hawks, Larks, you name them, they're all here. Including a few Commander and Champion models from the early 1950s. Yup, those beauties with bullet-shaped noses and visors atop their windscreens. I just love these cars.

If Studebakers aren't iconic enough for you, the field is also home to an impressively large collection of Tri-Five Chevrolets. In almost any body style and trim, including the highly collectible Bel Air.

The U.S. car collection is rounded off by lots of classic trucks and quite a few buses and campers. I'm pretty sure I spotted a Winnebago too.

But this place also includes many European cars. There's a bunch of Mercedes-Benz sedans from the 1960s and 1970s, a few Porsche 914s and 924s, and a row of Triumphs and MGs toward the end of the video. A few of them are definitely worth restoring.

The video tour is quite long, but it's an interesting one if you can get past the wind that will "blow" into your speakers. Check it out below.

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