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This 21-Year-Old Turned an Old Van Into a Charming Ski Chalet-Inspired Mobile Tiny Home

It’s no secret that the van life current has gotten incredibly strong over the last couple of years. But what’s even more fascinating is that people are into making their own dream vans, perhaps more than ever before. The best part of DIY campervans, other than being much more affordable compared to brand-new vehicles, is that anyone can dabble into this sort of project. Even a 21-year-old, like Amelise Burr.
Young Amelise shared the conversion process of her Ford van on social media 7 photos
21-Year-Old DIY Van Conversion21-Year-Old DIY Van Conversion21-Year-Old DIY Van Conversion21-Year-Old DIY Van Conversion21-Year-Old DIY Van Conversion21-Year-Old DIY Van Conversion
The freedom of living and traveling in a DIY vehicle, whether it be by land or by sea, turned out to become a major accomplishment for all types of people, from retired folks to young families, during the global health crisis. Undeniably, this was one of the unexpected benefits of a negative phenomenon. People from various parts of the world decided that it was time to go for their dreams, and used whatever they could to turn old vehicles into comfortable and capable campervans.

The young Amelise from Cambridge, UK, transformed an old Ford Transit van into a chic and comfy “tiny home” on wheels, which she describes as a ski chalet, due to the wooden walls and furniture. The 21-year-old has been sharing the conversion process on social media platforms, and recently gave a tour of the glam van on TikTok. The first thing that stands out is the girly interior decor, with lots of pink and cute items, but the fact that Amelise claims to have done this all by herself is the truly remarkable thing.

Using reclaimed materials for these types of conversions is common within the DIY community, but Amelise took it to the next level. For example, for her bed, she used aluminum slats that she literally found in someone’s driveway, which she then topped with wood. And the kitchen countertop was also made from free palette wood. In addition to this, she claims to have built the shower herself, and also added pink tiles to it.

Although this improvised tiny home may look a bit too cozy, Ame, as she likes to be called, has done a good job at making it as comfortable and as pretty as possible. The van even has a tiny fridge and freezer, and discrete ceiling lights. The whole thing added up to a little under $10,000 (£7,000), with $6,700 (£5,000) being the initial cost of the old Ford van.

Having gathered a consistent fanbase on TikTok, Ame is likely to inspire other young girls with a passion for vans to do the same.

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