This 2022 Honda Civic Looks Brand New, Yet Is for Sale With 249K Miles on the Odo

High-Mileage Honda Civic 7 photos
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Honda Civic Monroney Sticker248,740-mile 2022 Honda Civic248,740-mile 2022 Honda Civic248,740-mile 2022 Honda Civic248,740-mile 2022 Honda Civic248,740-mile 2022 Honda Civic
If you were wondering about the reliability of the new Honda Civic, then look no further! This particular unit proves the Canadian-made vehicle is ready to impress you under almost any circumstance. You’re looking at a 2022 Honda Civic that has accrued 248,740 mi (400,308 km). Here’s what you need to know.
How often do you drive long-distance trips? Well, one thing is for sure – you might look at high-mileage vehicles with different eyes from now on. It is hard to believe that someone was able to add 248,740 miles on the odometer of a 13-month-old vehicle, but it happened! The best part about it? You can buy it!

A self-identified Honda advocate and product specialist trainer named Jason found a 2022 Honda Civic for sale whose previous owner drove it for around 613 miles (987 kilometers) every single day since they took delivery. If at first, it looks like something unfathomable, the Carfax report confirms what the selling dealer says in the listing. It really has that many miles, and, given that it is currently for sale, the number most likely is still going up with each test drive.

The car was created by a Japanese brand. Its engine and transmission were sourced from the U.S. The final assembly was done in Canada. The purchase was finalized in Texas. Now that's a good, localized supply chain strategy!

Since it was acquired, the car was listed as a personal vehicle. It had only one owner until the selling dealer got it. But given the high mileage, it could be that a small company gave it to more drivers to finish their tasks. Most likely, we are looking at a vehicle used by skilled workers who are required to travel a lot.

While some social media users were in disbelief, others said a medical courier could pull off something like this by themselves.

This Honda Civic and its 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine needed 27 service appointments to keep running without any issues. That means a shop visit was scheduled after every 9,200 miles (14,806 kilometers). 

The asking price is $17,899. Would you buy it? It's certainly something to think about. The pictures show a vehicle in great condition, with a clean engine bay and almost no visible wear. Just remember that it has already driven more than the average distance between the Earth and the Moon, which is around 238,855 miles (384,000 kilometers).

Finally, one can only wonder – could someone do something similar with an EV in 13 months?

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