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This 2009 Mitsubishi Eclipse is an Iconic Convertible of the Millennial Generation

We're fans of the Mitsubishi Mirage around these parts. We love it for being an honest, affordable, and surprisingly capable little family car. But let's be real, the Mirage doesn't represent the peak of Mitsubishi, not by a long shot. For people of a certain age bracket, that would be back in the late 2000s.
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Alongside the Evo X, this Mitsubishi Eclipse ES Convertible represents a dynamic sports car duo quite unlike any in the U.S. market since. Think of it like the Corvette and Camaro combo but with a JDM twist. This particular Eclipse comes to us today via M1 Auto of Uniontown, Pennsylvania, and boy, does it take us on one heck of a nostalgia trip.

With a 2.4-liter MIVEC-equipped four-cylinder engine under the hood, mated to the front wheels, the Eclipse wasn't designed to compete with Maseratis or Corvettes. Instead, it represented a happy middle ground between a comfortable family cruiser and a serviceable weekend toy. It comes sporting a rare yellow paint color, exclusive to the Eclipse starting in 2009. Safe to say, it makes it look demonstrably different and unique compared to most Eclipses out there.

Other goodies include 17-inch OEM alloy wheels, sporty bucket seats in the fron, a leather-wrapped shift knob, and an awesome nine-speaker stereo system from Rockford Fosgate, complete with a Serious XM capable MP3/CD deck. This Eclipse proved Mitsubishis could be pretty lavishly equipped for its time period. Heck, it's one infotainment touch screen away from being a luxury car back in 2009, and this really highlights the genius that went into every nut and bolt of the old Eclipse.

Yes, it's not going to beat anything more than an old Miata at the track or at the drag strip, but that was never the point. You see, by 2009, the Toyota Solara, the Eclipse's main rival, had already been retired. Standing all alone in the Japanese import drop-top sports car scene could have meant Mitsubishi could have been lazy with the Eclipse, but they weren't. In spite of running unopposed, the Eclipse managed to be a solid all-around performer and a handsome-looking one at that.

One can only assume that this is why old Mistubishi Eclipses are absolutely tremendous at holding their value. With a starting price back in 2009 of $25,500, this particular example here today comes to us with an asking price of $16,995. To have a late 2000s Mitsubishi product not even lose half of its value to depreciation over 13 years proved at least one thing. The Mitsubishi Eclipse was a generational icon, which is why it's all the more shameful that the Eclipse badge was promptly slapped on a crossover SUV, not long after they'd finished burying the old convertible under funeral dirt. What a pity.

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