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This 2003 Volkswagen Beetle Is Perhaps World’s Most Surprising Camper Van

A Volkswagen Beetle is not exactly the car you’d ever imagine yourself going camping in, let alone using it as the actual camper van. Thanks to a man in Maine with a lot of ideas and some time on his skilled hands, now you can.
2003 Volkswagen Beetle turned into camper van sells for $600 5 photos
2003 Volkswagen Beetle turned into camper van sells for $6002003 Volkswagen Beetle turned into camper van sells for $6002003 Volkswagen Beetle turned into camper van sells for $6002003 Volkswagen Beetle turned into camper van sells for $600
Dylan Huff from Hartland, Maine, has listed his 2003 Volkswagen Beetle camper van for sale on Facebook Marketplace. If your initial reaction is along the lines of everyone else’s, “wut in tarnation?!” (we’re paraphrasing comments on the listing), you’re not wrong. This is either the most awesome car mod, or the worst idea ever.

Huff cut the Beetle in half and welded it onto a camper. However, that’s not where his strange concept ends: for whatever reason, he decided to move the steering wheel and the pedals inside the cabin, which means that the front of the Beetle is not for driving anymore. It’s just for decorative purposes.

Instead, the driver sits sideways, at the dinner table, peering out of a window that offers what would best be described as limited visibility. This allows him or her to spend time with the rest of the camping party in the cabin, instead of being isolated in the Beetle.

If you’re thinking this isn’t exactly safe or road-legal, you’re probably right: there is no seat belt in sight, and the mere fact that the operator isn’t even facing the road, while having to peek out a window that’s off-center, is enough to make you not want to share the road with this strange contraption.

Huff assures potential buyers that the strange RV is actually operated from inside the cabin, saying that “everything is hooked up and runs off the battery.” On the downside, “the motor lost oil pressure and no longer runs as of right now,” so whoever is feeling lucky enough to buy this will have to take further repairs into account.

The camper, too, has seen better and cleaner days, so the future owner will have to invest time and money into fixing it too. But they will get a cooking stove and plenty of space to move around in, so there’s that.

The Beetle camper van is listed at $600, a steal if you’ve been wondering what your next stay-at-home project could be.


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