This 1978 Ford Mustang Barn Find Looks Robust Even After All These Years

While a classic Mustang in tip-top shape is definitely a head-turner, a barn find model is without a doubt a tempting combination that many would love to inspect closer.
Ford Mustang barn find 10 photos
Ford Mustang barn findFord Mustang barn findFord Mustang barn findFord Mustang barn findFord Mustang barn findFord Mustang barn findFord Mustang barn findFord Mustang barn findFord Mustang barn find
And thanks to someone from Pennsylvania, you can actually do that, as a saved 1978 Ford Mustang is now listed for sale with a ridiculously low price.

First and foremost, let’s see what we know about the car. According to the eBay listing, what you’re looking at is a ’78 Mustang Ghia that is powered by a V6 engine paired to an automatic transmission.

The second-generation Mustang was offered with a choice of three engines, namely a 140ci (2.3-liter) L4, a 171ci (2.8-liter) V6, and a more powerful 302ci (4.9-liter) V8.

So the Mustang here is powered by the 171ci unit, though we’re not being told if it still starts. On the other hand, the owner says the car, which was found in a barn in Bucks County, hasn’t run in years, so it’s up to the buyer to inspect the car thoroughly and figure out how everything is now under the hood.

The Mustang comes with an extra rear bumper, just in case you’re planning to start a restoration project.

The odometer currently indicates 84,488 miles (135,970 km), and there’s a good chance they’re all original.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot we don’t know about this Mustang, including the parts that might be missing. Aside from what can be seen in the attached photos, of course, so make sure you ask all the questions you may have if you plan to purchase the car.

As for the price of the Mustang, this is a little surprising, as the owner expects to get only $2,500 for the car. This isn’t an auction, but the actual Buy It Now price listed on eBay, so whoever wants to get the Mustang home only has to pay a little more than they’d spend on a maxed-out iPhone. Then again, the second-generation Mustang pretty much symbolized the 'Malaise Era.'

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