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This 1967 Mercury Cougar Fastback "Unicorn" Was Done by a 17-Year-Old

As die-hard pony/muscle car aficionados know, the Mercury Cougar was never built in fastback form, despite being based on the Ford Mustang. As such, fans looking to skip the Cougar's notchback form were forced to brew their own and these custom conversions obviously make for rare birds. Well, here we are, talking about one that has recently been saved.
1967 Mercury Cougar Fastback Conversion 3 photos
1967 Mercury Cougar Fastback Conversion1967 Mercury Cougar Fastback Conversion
The story of the Cougar starts with the 1967 facelift of the original Mustang, which saw the Blue Oval model becoming slightly larger, in preparation for the arrival of the big block. The also 1967MY Cougar was built on the 'Stang platform that had gained 3 inches of wheelbase (for a total of 111 inches), as well as dedicated body panels. Sure, a Convertible was offered, this didn't land until 1969, so you can understand people's desire for extra body styles.

And while you could configure the Mercury in muscle form, the main idea behind the fresh arrival was to offer a more luxurious take, whether we're talking about the standard mode or the even plusher XR7 (each of them could be had with the GT performance package).

Well, the model sitting before us is one of those ponies, since it features the base engine, a 289ci Windsor V8, along with a three-speed automatic.

Nevertheless, as mentioned above, the magic of this particular Cougar doesn't sit in its oily bits, but in its fastback transformation.

The change took place back in the day and, according to Pete, the man behind the Iron City Garage label that saved this car yesterday, the previous owner of the vehicle managed to perform this when he was just 17.

And while the exterior of the vehicle talks about some years spent in neglect, we can't be certain of its actual state, as, for instance, the cabin isn't shown. Nevertheless, as you'll notice in the Instagram post below, this custom slab of America is looking for a new home.


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