This 1967 Ford Mustang Costs Less Than You Probably Think

1967 Ford Mustang 14 photos
Photo: Garage Kept Motors
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Our used car section is mostly filled with rides that tend to cost the proverbial arm and leg. But not all cool cars will break the bank, especially if you know where to look. If you have a soft spot for the first-generation Ford Mustang, then you should keep reading about the 1967 copy pictured below.
The original Ford Mustang hit the assembly line in the first half of 1964 and was constantly refined over the years, up until 1973, when it made room for its successor, the second generation. This one came to life for the 1967 model year, and if you ask us, this was peak Mustang design (to this writer, anyway).

Most copies that end up on the used car market need more than some TLC. However, this one underwent full restoration approximately ten years ago, which is why it is so shiny inside and out. The underbody also looks great, especially for a vehicle that came to life almost six decades ago, and by the looks of it, it's ready for a chill evening drive without any work.

The green paint finish suits the timeless styling of this automotive icon. If there's one thing that we'd change, it's the wheelset, though we cannot say we hate the ones equipping it now. The dashboard panel is original and typical of that era. It has several analog gauges, and if you were hoping for modern-day audio, then you will have to pay for it and have it installed if you're interested in purchasing this classic muscle car from the golden days of motoring.

1967 Ford Mustang
Photo: Garage Kept Motors
You'll also have to do the same if you want front seats with more lateral support, a central armrest, a chunkier steering wheel (not that there's anything wrong with this three-spoke component), etc. If it was up to us, we'd leave it as it is, as it screams old-timer through every pore. Moreover, let's face it, whoever buys it will only use it on weekends, as it's far from the perfect daily driver.

Besides the usual V8 firepower offered on this generation, the Ford Mustang also came with a pair of straight-six engines. The pictured muscle car uses the 200 ci unit, a 3.3L mill that was good for 120 hp back in the day. Thus, if it's something that it needs, that would be a serious V8, preferably a Coyote from the modern era, though it wouldn't say no to an original eight-cylinder engine, either.

Garage Kept Motors is selling this 1967 Ford Mustang on its website here, and it is asking $19,900 for it. Sure, you may find cheaper alternatives out there, but we think it's a great foundation stone for a possible restomod. Hey, a petrolhead can only dream, right?
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