This 1966 Ford Mustang Is All Original, Comes With "a Ton of Paperwork"

The 1966 Mustang introduced relatively minor restyling changes, but without a doubt, the biggest visual improvement was the addition of the floating horse logo that was now proudly placed on the front grille.
1966 Ford Mustang 10 photos
1966 Ford Mustang1966 Ford Mustang1966 Ford Mustang1966 Ford Mustang1966 Ford Mustang1966 Ford Mustang1966 Ford Mustang1966 Ford Mustang1966 Ford Mustang
Under the hood, however, nearly the same engine options were available as on the previous model, with the 200ci (3.3-liter) six-cylinder still offered as standard with a three-speed manual transmission.

Buyers looking for a bit more power could choose from a trio of 289ci (4.7-liter) V8 units coming in 2-barrel, 4-barrel, and HiPo configurations.

The Mustang that we have here left the factory with a 2-barrel V8 under the hood, and according to its current owner, the same engine is still there, putting the wheels in motion. Everything is all original on this Mustang, someone on Craigslist says, though it's worth knowing if the car has already received some fixes and the engine has been rebuilt at some point during its lifetime.

While very little information has been provided in this regard, the owner says they have “a ton of paperwork” for the car, and they insist everything is all original and in very good condition.

Indeed, judging from the photos included in the ad, the Mustang does seem to be in good shape, but a visual inspection should help determine more accurately if major fixes are required or not. There’s some rust on the floors, it seems, and a few dents on the body need to be resolved, too, if what the buyer is interested in is a full restoration to factory specifications.

While we’re told this is a one-owner car, the seller explains the Mustang was actually purchased from someone else a year ago, so in theory, it’s already at the second owner and looking for the third.

No information has been provided on the mileage, but it should be pretty low, given that the engine has been rebuilt.

This Mustang is worth checking out, though any potential buyer should check it out live to determine how much rust there is on the car and whether other major fixes are needed. The seller says whoever pays $12,500 is free to take the pony car home.

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