This 1956 Piaggio P.149 Costs as Much as a Long Range Tesla Model S

In our day and age, the name Piaggio usually brings to mind two-wheeled machines. But there’s another side of the moniker, one that keeps itself busy by making hardware for the aerospace industry, including machinery for defense purposes. And it has done so in some form or another ever since the late 1880s, even if, technically, the first aircraft branded with the Piaggio name didn’t come to be until the First World War.
1956 Piaggio P.149 5 photos
1956 Piaggio P.1491956 Piaggio P.1491956 Piaggio P.1491956 Piaggio P.149
After the Second World War ended – a time when Piaggio made a name for itself by producing one of the few Italian four-engine heavy bombers, the P.108, that could match what the Allies had in their arsenal back then– it moved to producing trainers as well, for the needs of various Air Forces. And one of their most rare such products is the P.149.

Made both by Piaggio and under license by the more famous Focke-Wulf in West Germany, the P.149 trainer was produced in under 200 units by the two companies starting with the early 1950s. It was deployed to serve the needs of Air Forces in some seven countries, Including Germany, Israel, and Uganda.

The two-seater has a maximum speed of 304 kph (189 mph) and could fly at a maximum altitude of 6,000 meters (19,850 feet). Being designed to teach pilots, it was not carrying any weapons.

Being made in such small numbers means the aircraft is not easy to come by. We found one though, waiting for a new owner on Platinum Fighters. It comes with 3,160 total time since new flight hours, and an exterior wrapped in the colors of its age’s German Air Force.

Located in California, it costs about as much as a stock Long Range Tesla Model S: $79,000 is how much the owner is asking for it.

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