This 1941 DeHavilland Is a Double-Winged Metal Tiger Moth

There have been over the years some interesting names being used by carmakers for their models. Yet one has to admit that the imagination of those in the aviation industry knows virtually no limit when it comes to naming winged machines.
1941 DeHavilland Tiger Moth 8 photos
1941 DeHavilland Tiger Moth1941 DeHavilland Tiger Moth1941 DeHavilland Tiger Moth1941 DeHavilland Tiger Moth1941 DeHavilland Tiger Moth1941 DeHavilland Tiger Moth1941 DeHavilland Tiger Moth
Take de Havilland, for instance. The British company has been in the business of producing airplanes since the 1920s, and its engineers spared no neurons when trying to come up with catchy names. This is how we got things like the Mosquito, Vampire, or Chipmunk.

Back in the early days of aviation, and particularly in the years of the Second World War, the company made a name for itself by producing biplane trainers for pilots. There’s a long list of them, but the Tiger Moth occupies a special place.

Manufactured between 1931 and 1944, the Tiger Moth invaded the western skies in large numbers, as close to 9,000 of them were made. Despite being primarily used by the British Royal Air Force, it ended up being deployed by about 40 other nations around the world, including the United States and Canada.

Capable of seating two, the Tiger Moth was able to fly at speeds of up to 109 mph (175 kph) and at a maximum altitude of 13,600 feet (4,100 meters). It was designed as a trainer, but given how it had to live through the war years, it was also capable of carrying bombs.

Despite so many of them being made, finding one in working condition today is not an easy task. The one we have here is one of those few, showing 4,335 total time since new and a fresh face given by restoration work done not long ago.

Wrapped in the colors of the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF), the plane is selling on Platinum Fighters for $79,500.

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