This 190-Foot Superyacht Has Completely See-Through Sails

When you set out to combine efficiency with the utmost elegance in the creation of a superyacht, you get something that looks like a work of art. This is the case for the latest from designer Ora ïto.
190-foot superyacht with see-through sails from Perini Navi 4 photos
190-foot superyacht with see-through sails from Perini Navi190-foot superyacht with see-through sails from Perini Navi190-foot superyacht with see-through sails from Perini Navi
This is the first foray for Ora ïto into the naval industry, and it’s an outstanding one, to be sure. Created in partnership with Perini Navi and unveiled at the last Monaco Yacht Show, the 190-foot superyacht with see-through sails is a modern and stunning interpretation of the shipyard’s flagship yacht.

According to DesignBoom, it boasts increased on-board living space and reduced crew requirements for maximum use of available space, and see-through sails for improved efficiency. The clean, minimalist hull boasts a single unbroken line from stem to stem, which has more than an aesthetic function: it also increases speed and reduces consumption.

This Ora ïto-penned superyacht was unveiled as a concept, but plans for it to go under construction were announced for 2020, with the goal of having it join the shipyard’s already impressive fleet later. As of the time of writing, technical details like propulsion system, range, capacity or speed have not been made public.

However, since efficiency was one of the stated goals in designing it, it’s not unlikely for it to end up using electric power for propulsion, in conjunction with the sails. The structure will probably be aluminum and steel, like the other Perini Navi vessels.

“The starting point of our collaboration is the confrontation of my architectural and design approach with the philosophy of Perini Navi,” the designer says of the collaboration. “I have always strived to reduce material and functions in favor of maximum efficiency. My drawing is very close to the constraints of a boat. On a 56m hull, living space becomes an obsession. I tried to link each part harmoniously to give the sense of a boat made in one single piece, elegant and impactful.”

“Ora ïto has a passion for analyzing the icons of our time and then creating radical new takes on them,”
Perini Navi adds. “The result is a contemporary, unfiltered reimagining by an outsider to the nautical world.”


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