This $139 Million Mansion Comes With a Car Garage Fit for an Emperor or Batman

The Bel Air neighborhood in Los Angeles is known for its wild houses, posh villas, and extravagant mansions. Here we’re looking at one perfect exemplification of the latter type mentioned. It looks incredibly amazing, but it also has a garage that’s just out of this world. No, it doesn’t belong in comic books, but in blockbusters!
Expensive Mansion with Batman Style Car Garage 10 photos
Photo: Enes Yilmazer on YouTube
The $139 Million L.A. MansionThe $139 Million L.A. MansionThe $139 Million L.A. MansionThe $139 Million L.A. MansionThe $139 Million L.A. MansionThe $139 Million L.A. MansionThe $139 Million L.A. MansionThe $139 Million L.A. MansionThe $139 Million L.A. Mansion
Batman was an eccentric guy. Yes, he was a ruthless vigilante. Nobody denies it. But he evolved! He grew into a superhero that didn’t have magic powers or knew some old secrets of the Earth. Bruce Wayne was a fan of bats before it was cool.

This mansion might’ve been his idea if you take a quick look at the photos or the video attached down below. It screams high class and good taste. This is a proper establishment, a creation that represents years of hard work. Designing, building, and paying for it sure doesn’t happen overnight. It has chandeliers, crystals, real 24k gold accents, stone floors, a marble fence with water flowing on it, a movie theater, a bar, automatic doors, two elevators, custom furniture from Italy, an Arclinea kitchen, and a ballroom, for crying out loud. It’s turning into a modern palace at this point.

While the mansion itself is impressive and the cost of it somehow remains imprinted in our minds, the car garage is the one that attracted our attention. Beware, it might steal your heart too.

Before looking at it, you should see the cars. They’re all Aston Martins! Is James Bond involved too? The future owner of the mansion will be able to drive out of the house from different levels. Cars can be changed via a phone app, and the entire mechanism is silent. Moreover, it looks like mechanical art. It’s an industrial dream. This car garage alone costs almost $3 million, and it comes with its own fire curtains and a sprinkler system that can save your precious vehicles. The assembly can also be programmed to change the cars as a display feat. It’s outstanding, to say the least!

While Batman may have evolved into a better character, we can’t help but think this impressive construction best suits a supervillain. It has that vibe to it, don’t you agree?

But, there's even a better question: what would Batwoman change? We'll let you decide.

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Editor's note: Gallery shows snapshots of a YouTube video.

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