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This 1:10 Scale Lexus UX 300e Is Made Entirely Out of Paper, Flaunts Incredible Details

Some origami patterns are very challenging to make.  You might think, "how hard can it be to fold some paper" but it turns out that some models require an enormous amount of work to perfect the incredible level of detail. One such model comes from Lexus, and it features no less than 100 pieces of paper.
Paper Lexus UX 300e 9 photos
Paper Lexus UX 300ePaper Lexus UX 300ePaper Lexus UX 300ePaper Lexus UX 300ePaper Lexus UX 300ePaper Lexus UX 300ePaper Lexus UX 300ePaper city
From perforations in the leather seats, the clock on the dashboard, and the intricacy of the spindle grille, this paper Lexus UX is packed with details. The incredible replica is the creation of Scottish paper artist Kyla McCallum who decided to build a model car as a tribute to the craftsmanship in Lexus vehicles.

The paper UX 300e is based on a 1:10 scale remote-controlled car chassis, and it took Kyla around four months to complete the whole project. She used a thin but exceptionally strong type of paper to create the intricate shapes, and it proved to be great for modeling the curved elements of the car.

To make the grille, the artist used various complex paper-cutting methods.

"I had to lightly score the paper to create the folds that go up and down the grille," she explains.

Its interior, which is no bigger than a shoebox, was separated from the car itself due to a lack of space around the remote-controlled car chassis.

To resemble the fabrics found in the real vehicle, Kyla used a variety of textured papers. At the same time, the tiny perforations in the seats were made by hand with a stitching awl. There's even minute 'stitching' on the gear selector.

And if the model alone is not impressive enough, the artist decided to take the project to the next level by creating a paper universe for the car. Precisely, Kyla built a city where the car could drive around. The different textures of the buildings were created by using different various folding techniques. Of course, the city couldn't miss a miniature charging point for the UX 300e as well. You can watch everything take shape in the clips below.

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