Think the 2022 GMC HUMMER EV Looks Good? Wait Until You See It in Color

It's been just three days since the GMC HUMMER EV launched, but the digital artist brigade has already begun to mess around with GM's electric pickup truck.
2022 GMC HUMMER EV custom color 11 photos
Photo: YouTube screenshot
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We've shown you a few of these makeovers, be they a rendering of the SUV that GM will most likely make at some point, a face-swap with the Ford Bronco, or a 6x6 electric rival for the Mercedes-AMG G63 6x6. Now, though, we have something that's slightly more relevant and, therefore, useful: the HUMMER EV painted in various colors.

We only say "slightly more relevant" because GM announced the Edition 1, the first trim level to become available, can only be had in white. Sure, that won't keep anyone who fancies their HUMMER in pink from giving it a wrap the second they pick it up from the dealer, so getting a glance at what that might look like first can't do any harm.

The author of this clip sure didn't hold back when they chose the colors to display. Don't expect any toned-down light browns or the dirt-proof silver. No, what you get is a collection of beach-buggy hues that only sort of fit GM's chunky EV because, in the chosen picture, it has its roof removed and is sat on a beach.

They even went as far as to show a few gradient colors, reminding us of those tiny toy cars covered in heat-sensitive paint that you would dip halfway into a glass of warm water to get a similar effect. Sadly, our preferred option is also the most boring one: that brownish-gray that your grandfather would probably also go for.

Anyone interested in actually picking a factory color for their HUMMER EV will have to wait until the trims following the white-only Edition 1 will become available. The first scheduled to do so is the HUMMER EV^3X, which should launch two years from now with a starting cost of $99,995.

At this point, though, one could question the entire timeline for the GMC HUMMER EV after the company's head of engineering revealed that they're only now building the first functional test vehicle with only twelve months left until the first deliveries.

We're not saying GM can't pull it off - though it is a big ask. What we are saying is that it's definitely going to be interesting to see how the Detroit giant goes about it and whether all the nonsense that went on at Nikola Motors, its partner in this project, is going to affect it in any way.

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