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Thieves Hit Talent Agent’s London Office, Use Rickshaw as Getaway Vehicle

Last week, two unmasked, brazen thieves hit the offices of the biggest talent agency in the UK: InterTalent run by Professor Jonathan Shalit and situated in London’s Fitzrovia exclusive neighborhood.
Thieves ransack Professor Jonathan Shalit’s London office before leaving in a rickshaw 9 photos
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They made their way with a considerable loot comprising valuable celebrity memorabilia, IT equipment and various fashion items (designer items, of course), after ransacking the place for 15 full minutes. They ignored surveillance cameras and made no effort to hide their faces, but perhaps most hilariously, they used a rickshaw as their getaway vehicle.

You might see in movies that thieves favor the newest, fastest, most powerful cars to make a clean escape after a “job,” but this was definitely not the case here. The Daily Mail has the surveillance video, and it’s definitely worth a watch, especially if you’re into silent (unintentional) comedy movies.

The hit might have been planned, in the sense that the couple knew they were about to strike gold if they gained access inside the offices, but they were clearly no masterminds. They’re seen running around the place in search of stuff to steal, and they come and go several times until they decide they’re done looting the office.

When they’re job is done, they pack everything into the rickshaw (the kind tourists use in the West End), she gets in the back seat and he pedals away from the crime scene. Perhaps more hilariously, though Shalit turned over the surveillance footage to the police and you can clearly the faces of the culprits, they’re yet to catch them.

“We are all shocked by the sheer brass neck and temerity of the young woman who seemed oblivious to the presence of our security cameras,” Shalit tells the Mail in a statement. “She and her fellow thief looted our offices. She seemed to have payed particular attention to fashionable clothes and shoes which were taken.”

“Of course we are fully insured but some sentimental items do not have a replacement value. Making their getaway in a rickshaw somehow adds insult to injury,” the talent agent adds. You don’t say.

The Met Police confirm an investigation is underway and that they have made no arrests yet.


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