Thierry Mugler Haute-couture Spire Boat Concept Revealed

From time to time, fashion designers manage to infuse their vision into supercars, managing to send car lovers into an ecstatic state of mind. But when a world class fashion designer breathes his magic upon a boat concept, things take an unreal twist. As a matter of fact, the turnover is so unreal that the water which is supposed to be its cradle seem to reach and embrace the creation.

The latest to show its curvy lines is Thierry Mugler’s Spire Boat, which seems to belong to a sci-fi world where the man and the seaworld are conjoint by a flowing shape boat. The Spire Boat combines technology and crafted design elements which exhale Thierry Mugler’s perfume scent. Monsieur Thierry Mugler’s design studio gave birth to a glistening Spire Boat inspired by the 1950’s muscle cars, which by the way kept their strong feel till present days.

The nautical haute-couture will also feature bagged epoxy resin construction, accompanied by twin outboard engines capable of generating 250 to 300 hp pushing the boat toward speeds of 90 knots(166km/h). Inside Thierry Mugler’s creation there will be found leather detailed works for 4 passengers including the pilot for a exhilarating escape from the metropolitan world.

As expected, the design has already become an instant hit before the creator’s finishing pencil. Charterworld revealed that already 26 confirmed orders were accounted by Spire Boat to produce the vessel. With its unveiling at the 2011 Monaco Yacht Show there are more orders expected.


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