These Two Gamers Played a World Record 33 Hours of Need for Speed

These Two Gamers Played a World Record 33 Hours of Need for Speed 1 photo
Photo: Guinness World Records on YouTube
The other weekend, some remote cable network announced a full-day marathon of Star Wars that started in the morning at 8:00 and went through the day until sometime late in the night. One would wonder how many hours can a person look at a screen before fading and falling asleep.
German video gamers Florian Fleissner and Kenny Drews always wished they could establish something people will remember. In a world with a population of over seven billion, being special may come somewhat complicated. But then, the two recalled the famous Guinness Book of World Records and how their names could be next to all the other gamers who accomplished incredible feats.

Whether this is the only thing they’re good at or EA’s 2005 Need for Speed is what pulls their triggers, that’s what they chose. The two played Need for Speed: Most Wanted for an incredible 33 hours, setting a record for the longest video game marathon on a Need for Speed game.

This does not sum up all that the two have accomplished, though, considering Guinness World Records then partnered up with Mercedes-Benz and offered the boys a taste of what racing drivers are really made of. Florian and Kenny’s incredible gaming achievement appears alongside thousands of amazing records in the new Guinness World Records 2016 Gamer’s Edition, so that’s where you need to look if these things tickle your interest.

In case you’re wondering what the best part of those 33 hours was, here it is: “The things I like most about Need for Speed is the open worlds. Also that there are so many options for tuning the cars and the racetracks. And let’s not forget the car chases with the police and the destruction of the vehicles, which is very realistic.”

Well, it turns out spending countless hours in front of your computer does pay off sometimes.

Editor's note: the gameplay featured in the video below seems to be from the 2012 Need For Speed: Most Wanted.

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