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These Sustainable and Stylish EV Charging Station Concepts Are Anything but Boring

Ever since the dreaded “range anxiety” became a major topic in relation to electric vehicles, there’s also been a lot of talk about charging stations. Most of times, this talk centers around performance, efficiency, and durability, with design being the last thing on people’s minds. But, if EVs are also meant to be attractive, not just efficient, why not look at charging stations in the same way?
The Red Solar Charging Station is a steel structure with photovoltaic panels on top 11 photos
Silver Solar Charging StationWind Solar Charging StationRed Solar Charging StationSilver Solar Charging StationRed Solar Charging StationBlack Waves Solar Charging StationBlack Waves Solar Charging StationYellow Solar Charging StationWind Solar Charging StationYellow Solar Charging Station
American postmodern artist Michael Jantzen has designed some interesting-looking EV charging station concepts that blend sustainability and efficiency with art. The project called “Public Art Electric Vehicle Charging Stations” is comprised of five futuristic design concepts, meant to challenge the way we think about these mundane devices. Instead of regular stations that are simply meant to perform certain tasks, these intriguing ideas pave the way for sustainable alternatives that would also give drivers something to admire, while charging their vehicles.

The first four concepts in the series are based on solar power and are differentiated through shape and color. The Silver Solar Charging Station, as well as the Black Waves and the Red one, are steel structures with photovoltaic panels. The solar power is converted into electricity, which is then used to charge EVs directly, or indirectly, with the help of batteries. What’s also interesting about these theoretical charging stations is that connections are placed inside the large structure, inviting people to drive inside, while the vehicle is being recharged.

The fourth concept, the Yellow Solar Charging Station, uses sunlight, like the other three, but is made of a different material and has an even more unusual shape. The dome-like structure is made of an environmentally friendly composite material, with funny-looking circular photovoltaic panels mounted on top.

Last but not least, the Solar Wind Charging Station is the only one that adds wind power, seamlessly blending a solar panel with a tall wind turbine. It’s also the only concept in the series that resembles conventional charging stations, in the sense that it’s not a drive-through structure.

Like all concepts, these futuristic EV charging stations act as food for thought, challenging the boundaries of what’s possible. Perhaps, in a not-so-distant future, we might actually see artistic charging stations inspired by these ideas.


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