These Latest and Greatest Tips & Tricks for NFS Unbound Will Help You Earn Serios Cash

After waiting for quite a long time for a big Need for Speed Unbound update, fans finally got their wish a short while ago. Some new stuff has been introduced with the Vol. 2 addition, especially on the online multiplayer side of things, but without any further ado, let's see what are the best tips and tricks to maximize your cash intake and power output.
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Rumble Races take place in remote locations all across Lakeshore and feature high-octane jumps, chaotic driving, and split routes for maximum gameplay dynamics. The best part is that you can join seven other friends for some of the most entertaining Fast & Furious-like experiences from the entire game.

It seems like the kind folks over at Criterion Software, the developer, have put more than a bit of thought into these races, and tried their best to make them feel intense and hardcore. Well, as intense as an arcade driving game can be, because at the end of the day, it's all about having fun and not about turning the intensity dial up so high it breaks from the dashboard and jumps in your face.

But you will be driving like a maniac and make tight turns, go over and under sections in varied terrain like mud or gravel, all the while battling in this online frenzy. And honestly, the cherry on top is trying to ram your rivals off-track for maximum points, even in mid-air, when possible.

To find these Rumble Races, you need to scour the docks, construction sites, and coal yards, because let's be honest, where else could they take place? Your ride also needs to be up to snuff, depending on what the qualifications ask of you.

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For example, for ‘Rock the Boat’ you'll be fine with a B-Tier, while ‘The Boomdocks’ needs you to have an A-Tier car. Then, for ‘Hypnotize’ and ‘Terrordome’ you will have to roll in an A+ quality ride. Finally, for ‘Ridin’ Dirty’ and ‘Gravel Pit’ you have to pull out all the stops with the S-Tier if you want to have a snowball's chance in Hell by the time you get to the finish line.

Now, sadly, that's not all it takes, for not all driving roads are created equally. Some take place purely on asphalt so you need matching tires. But some go off-road where normal rubber doesn't cut it anymore. After all, 'Ridin' Dirty' didn't get its name because you'll be going through car washes, if you catch my drift.

The final requirement would be for you to make sure you pick the car with the greatest handling, because your technical driving skills will be tested in sharp turns, jumps, and branching paths, so the purpose is to stay on the road, and not crash into walls. If you ticked everything right, hopefully by the end, you'll be making it rain with green delights, and I don't mean broccoli or cabbage.

After Rumble Races, you might wanna try some 'all or nothing' Endurance events, which stretch out over long distances across the map and take several minutes to complete. The whole point is to not only gain the lead, but to stay there during this cross-country-like activity and never get too cocky.

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Because even when you can't see anybody in your rearview mirror, it only takes a wrong turn or a bad drift to start seeing your opponents' backside plate numbers as they drive mockingly passed you. For all you daredevils out there, I suggest ‘Colossus,' the longest one yet. Pro Tip, you'll be needing an all-rounded car to handle the sharp corners and high-speed straights from this one.

To make sure you get the most bang for your buck in Endurance Races, you need to outshine everybody else from the 8-player event because you'll be paid based on how many people you face and how well you 'owned' them.

Hot Laps will be today's last item on the list, which aren't a walk in the park either, especially now that Criterion introduced 30 new races. For those just dusting off their Unbound copy after a long hiatus, these are rough, fast-paced, and technical activities that will make you put your best (gas) foot forward.

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If you do everything right until the clock runs out, you'll be seeing stars, preferably three of them to let you know how great of a racer you truly are. You don't have to look hard for them on the map, they will just creep up out of nowhere sometimes, like parks or pedestrian-heavy areas, for example.

Drifting is key in Hot Laps, so you need to see where the next corner is and make the perfect calculations, because, in the end, you will be facing man's worst enemy... time itself. If you do well enough, you will be rewarded with special content like new Driving Effects, Poses, Horns, and “The Ultimate Luxury” vehicle.

With Unbound's Vol. 2 update kicking in high gear, people are already starting to wonder when Vol. 3 will come out. Nothing has been officially uttered, but let's hope that we won't have to wait for another three months or more until that happens.
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