These Lamborghini Leather Items Are Made in Time for Winter Holiday Season

When it comes to accessories, the carmakers are producing some very fine items to go with the cars they build, and Lamborghini has a true history in making them.
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Unlike other carmakers, which are ordering them in some remote countries and asking them to be branded with their logo, Lamborghini chose to work with Carteria. It is an ethical fashion enterprise that produces accessories from recycled leather and fabrics. Thus, they are making use of something that cannot be used in any other way. It is known that, when cutting a piece of leather for a seat, for instance, some unused scrap parts can either end up in the trashcan or be revived as key- or credit-card holders.

As part of its sustainability commitment, Lamborghini launched two circular projects last year for reducing waste. Thus, more than half of the leather and carbon fiber used for its supercars is recycled. The new "Upcycled Leather Project" includes a key fob, a tote-bag, a smartphone case, and a card-holder. All of them are embossed with the Automobili Lamborghini logo, and they are already available in specific stores and on the website.

So, if you can't afford a Lamborghini Huracan, or the hottest, best-selling Urus, you may get a leather key fob instead. I'm not sure it will match your car key, but at least it will be made of sustainable, recycled materials from Lamborghini. Thus, you may contribute to the Italian carmaker's efforts to build a cleaner tomorrow.

Prices start from $43 for a credit card holder and go all the way up to $117 for a tote bag. Maybe you won't be able to place an order for a new Lambo for your significant other these days, but if you hurry, you may have one of these accessories under the Christmas tree.

 Download: Lamborghini leather items (PDF)


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