These Guys Turned a Tesla Cybertruck Into a Giant Mirror on Wheels

Polished Tesla Cybertruck 6 photos
Photo: The Polishing Guy - Joplin Area on Facebook | Edited
Mirror Polish Finish on CybertruckMirror Polish Finish on CybertruckMirror Polish Finish on CybertruckMirror Polish Finish on CybertruckMirror Polish Finish on Cybertruck
We already know that Tesla's pickup truck is bullet-resistant and has rock-proof glass. We also learned that its charging performance isn't stellar, its range drops significantly when towing, the day-to-day usability as a workhorse isn't what tradespeople need, and the stainless steel panels stuck onto the body can be pretty sharp. Now, a team of four courageous detailers turned it into a mirror.
And, believe it or not, the change is not a completely bad idea.

A team of four guys got their hands on someone's Cybertruck who wanted an even more interestingly looking electric vehicle. Tesla's edgy pickup truck has a distinctive exterior design without any other enhancements, but wrapping it or giving it a mirror finish can surely amplify its visual impact.

People everywhere are already staring at it. But make it reflect sunlight and the road like a mirror, and you're guaranteed to attract everyone's attention. Now, that may be a good thing or a bad thing. In some parts of the US, this battery-powered ride has not been well received.

Still, owners of such provocative and segment-defying vehicles like the attention or desire to drive something others can't have. Since the EV can only be bought with a $20,000 add-on and Tesla isn't making too many, it's easy to see why some customers may treat it like it's a sought-after supercar.

It may not be noisy, but it surely overshadows every other car that comes near it. Kids especially are enamored with or fascinated by it.

The Cybertruck has that special something because it doesn't only look like a kindergartner's dream, but also like that particular something many adults want. It's a "big boy toy." What other brand sells you a road-legal car for $100,000 that can withstand the bullets flying out of pistols or shotguns? The glass isn't bulletproof, but there are certainly skilled people out there who could replace the rock-proof windows with something that can match the body's capabilities.

Besides having the potential to be a good target for range practice, the EV is also a testbed for great technologies that may soon trickle down to other Tesla zero-tailpipe emission rides.

Mirror Polish Finish on Cybertruck
Photo: The Polishing Guy - Joplin Area on Facebook
But what if you can make the Cybertruck look even more stunning? Well, someone pulled it off without using color film or third-party accessories.

A Missouri-based team of four detailers transformed the pickup truck into a fantastic beast that will most likely catch anyone's eye. It didn't need any additional visibility, but anyone is free to do what they want with their personal property.

The guys behind this accomplishment worked together for over 25 hours to make this EV look like a moving mirror, which could be a bit worrisome. Interestingly enough, they didn't use masks or eye protection while working on those ultra-hard cold-rolled stainless-steel panels. The owner says the job is not done yet. The Tesla still needs some more attention to look its best.

While this pickup truck could become a road safety hazard because it reflects light like there's no tomorrow and might blind other traffic participants, the idea behind the endeavor has some practical use cases.

Mirror Polish Finish on Cybertruck
Photo: The Polishing Guy - Joplin Area on Facebook
This type of deep polishing is usually used on tankers because companies or drivers want to protect what they're carrying. A reflective surface won't retain heat on a sunny day. Moreover, it will make other drivers notice you much easier and, hopefully, avoid coming in contact with your trailer.

The mirror finish can also help anyone discover dirty spots more easily. That's why some milk tank trucks always look like they're brand-new. They must be immaculate to secure the top quality of the product.

Finally, the owner is happy with the result and is currently exploring paint protection film options for their polished Cybertruck. He believes the vehicle's exterior won't need much attention going forward. That may be a good thing because other Cybertruck owners have already expressed interest in having their EVs finished in this manner, too.

If Tesla's pickup truck could've towed more than 100 miles in one go, we would have recommended the buyer attach a polished Airstream travel trailer and wow all other people who don't want to be confined in a hotel room.

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