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These Garage Junkies Are Building a Miniature C8 Corvette Out Of a Go-Kart

The $59,995 starting price of the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray might've swept the automotive realm off its feet, but not all of those who wish to hoon a mid-engined 'Vette have that sort of money lying around. Well, it seems that a team of builders has come with a solution, with these garage junkies having decided to brew their own C8.
Miniature C8 Corvette replica 6 photos
Miniature Corvette buildMiniature Corvette buildMiniature Corvette buildMiniature Corvette buildMiniature Corvette build
No, this won't be a full-size car, so there's no reason to worry about details such as a poor fiberglass execution on a Fiero chassis. Instead, we're talking about a miniature mid-engined Corvette.

The project started taking shape earlier this year and it's all about the ingredients. As such, the bits and pieces that should become a tiny C8 involve a go-kart, a Power Wheels incarnation of the C7 Corvette (no need for this kid car's electric powertrain, though), a lot of fabrication, along with custom body panels.

So far, the thing looks like a go-kart wearing parts of the said Power Wheels body. However, the C8 transformation isn't the only aim here. As such, we're also talking about a widebody - if you check out the third piece of footage below, you'll see C7 Power Wheels car that has been gifted with this type of meaty fenders.

As for the first and the second clips, these show various stages of work that has been done on the C8 build, in chronological order.

Then there's the drifting part. The whole idea of such a contraption is to put a smile on one's face. As such, the racing kart wheels received PVC rings for the rear axle, while a handbrake was installed as well, so sending the thing sideways is quite easy. Is it safe, though? We'd better not answer this question, at least not until the project is complete – please use a helmet when operating such vehicles, okay?

Here's to hoping the team, which uses the BuiltOfficial label, completes the big-boy-toy as soon as possible.

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