These E30 BMWs Have 600 WHP on Average and Sound Like Gatling Guns

The E30 3 Series is still holding a dear place in our hearts, no matter how hardcore today’s cars are. Sure, they drink fuel like there’s no tomorrow and parts are hard to find, but that chassis is the real deal even to this day. Get a bigger engine under that bonnet and things get wild really quick.
BMW E30 Dash 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from Youtube
It’s the case of the cars featured in the videos below, they were fitted with M50 engines. Unfortunately, the uploader didn’t specify what M50 plants but we’re guessing they’re M50B25s, the 2.5-liter inline 6-cylinder ones that used to power the E34 525i and E36 325i models.

However, there’s a twist. Both cars have turbochargers installed and not small ones either. The white one has no less than 680 horses at the wheels, while the black one goes for around 520. That adds up to around 600 WHP on average which is enough to send these cars that weigh around 1 ton to blistering speeds in no time.

Not only that, but they also allow them to do incredible burnouts at low speeds along with sounds worthy of World War II. Actually, we’d like to know how these guys go home at night without waking up the entire neighborhood. Must be tedious work...

In the videos below there are a couple of highlights of what you can do with such... creatures. Not that we recommend doing it yourself, but it’s unlikely that any ‘normal car’ will give you any trouble in a drag race as long as you can get proper traction for the rear axle. And by ‘normal car’ we mean everything except for hypercars, of course.

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