These Driving Glasses Claim They Make Glare Just a Bad Memory

Driving glasses have been around for a while, but a company called Mojietu says they built a product that would completely make strong glare a thing of the past.
Mojietu T1 glasses 10 photos
Mojietu T1 glassesMojietu T1 glassesMojietu T1 glassesMojietu T1 glassesMojietu T1 glassesMojietu T1 glassesMojietu T1 glassesMojietu T1 glassesMojietu T1 glasses
Called Mojietu T1, their driving glasses claim to be the world’s first model coming with an integrated lens design, while also boasting must-have features like a UV protection filter and waterproofing.

The German TAC night photochromic lens uses the yellow lens to physically increase the brightness and color clarity, thereby improving the contrast and human eye resolution, providing a more accurate vision. The polarization rate is 20% and the partial polarization can effectively reduce dazzling light. It can also sense ultraviolet rays, the shade of the lens color can change with the intensity of sunlight,” the company explains.

Mojietu is seeking crowdfunding support to mass-produce the T1, and at the time of writing, the project has already been fully funded. According to the shared timeline, the new glasses should start shipping in November.

The lenses have been specifically designed to adapt to the amount of light that is available at any moment. They feature what’s being described as intelligent discoloration to maintain the protection of the wearer in the car, during a cloudy day, or in direct sunlight.

Night yellow-background photochromic lens could automatically adjust the color according to the intensity of ultraviolet light; light gray in cloudy and rainy conditions, lens color becomes darker when the ultraviolet light is strong in the sun, providing UV protection,” the parent company explains.

If you like these glasses and want to order them, the cheapest version costs $59 and is available on the linked Indiegogo page as part of the super-early bird package. Just like the rest of the versions, the shipping is projected to start next month, and the product can be sent pretty much anywhere around the world, not just to customers in the United States.

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