These Camper Vans Show the World How Europe Still Dominates the "Game" in Terms of Style

Explorer Series (2X) 33 photos
Photo: Globe-Traveller
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In case you're not up to date with trends, Class B RVs or camper vans are some of the most sought-after mobile habitats the world has to offer, and while a bespoke unit crafted in some garage is nice and all, it doesn't compare to a unit designed and built by a team who's primary focus is giving birth to amazing campers.
Ladies and gents, take a nice long look at the images in the gallery and leave a comment with when you last saw such an appealing machine. As for what you're actually looking at, it's called the Explorer Series, and it's the work of none other than Globe-Traveller, the one and the same that's graced our webpages before.

Let's consider that this brand was born from necessity and sparked by Polish rally driver Sobiesław Zasada's need to access a complete on-road home as he traveled to and from events all over Europe. With that in mind, you can start to grasp why these babies look the way they do.

Now, the Explorer class isn't new; the 2XS has been the defining floorplan for this lineup for some time. What is new are two floorplans, the 2X and 2Z, and if you're like me, while you explored the images, you probably asked yourself how they did it; how did Globe-Traveller manage to bring to life an interior that looks like a downright hotel on wheels?!

Explorer Series 2X
Photo: Globe-Traveller
Part of the story has to do with the base vehicle being used to craft this home. While the manufacturer's website shows only Peugeot supplying the chassis, the spec sheet that accompanies these floorplans has revealed that other vehicles, primarily a Fiat Ducato, can be used, too.

Yet, it doesn't matter which base vehicle you end up choosing for your unit, the same modern and downright juicy interior is brought to life. One way Globe-Traveller is able to bring such a home to life is due to their "Super High Roof," a feature that allows this manufacturer to expand interiors to full-time living standards.

Heck, just take a look at all those overhead storage bays. By the looks of things, I can fit all the clothes and shoes I own, bring along bedspreads and towels, and still have room left over for countless other goods. Since the Explorer is tuned to accommodate just two guests, the remaining space can be offered to your significant other.

Explorer Series 2X
Photo: Globe-Traveller
As we make our way down the Explorer, we finally find ourselves in the middle of one of the three available floorplans - note that several layouts are seen in the gallery - yet my favorite is the 2Z, or "Bike Version." Why? Well, if you're like me and are often spotted mounted on a bike or e-bike, this layout includes a neat bicycle garage at the rear and hidden underneath a beam-to-beam bed; it's actually composed of two single beds that convert to a matrimonial option.

Now, this is the only option that allows for such a feature, and that's because the other two floorplans, the new ZX included, have a French bed moved to one side of the unit, and the remainder of the unit's rear is reserved for nothing more than some rather very spiffy and sharp bathrooms.

Yet, as we continue our journey toward the front of these camper vans, it soon becomes apparent what Globe-Traveller aimed for here: a unit that is meant to feel spacious and can meet all your on-road living needs. If it's the 2X that you're interested in, be prepared to find features like a complete galley, wardrobe for clothing, and modular dinette with a swing-out tabletop to give up to four guests a place at the table. The latter also doubles as a workstation for when you need to squeeze in a tad of work and can also be accessed via the cab seating.

For a moment, I'd like to invite you to kick back and picture yourself in the possession of such a vehicle. What would you bring along on trips? Would you use the bicycle garage for two-wheelers or other things like fishing gear or kayaks?

Explorer Series 2X
Photo: Globe-Traveller
Imagine waking up to the sounds of the local wildlife outside your unit. With your eyes half-closed, you put on a pot of coffee, swing open the rear and side doors for a spot of fresh air, and start your day with a view of the sunrise over some beach. Make sure not to wake your significant other.

But, what about those essentials we need to successfully manage power consumption and needs? Well, while Globe-Traveller doesn't mention all the goodies they have in place in an Explorer, but you can expect it to be equipped with a battery array, your choice of chemical or dry toilet, water to carry out your bidding, and the shore power connections needed to recharge on the go; no specifics.

Heck, why not drop an extra few hundred dollars and treat your vehicle to an alternator charger that works off the energy it produces while on the go or idle? Our friends at Ecoflow just launched one such piece of equipment.

But how much can we expect to pay for this sort of lifestyle? Well, it depends on the features inside your unit and the depths of your dealer's pockets. But on average, a new unit can fetch around €110K ($119K at current exchange rates), so it's pretty dang good for a complete on-road and year-round living solution from Poland. Just a little something to wet your whistle over.
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Editor's note: Images in the gallery showcase all three Explorer Series Class B RVs.

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