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These Are The Most Searched Car Brands On Google In 2016

The advent of the Internet made it simpler for us consumers to be informed and make the right choice when buying a new car. For automakers, the World Wide Web made it easier to push their products onto the masses. It’s no wonder, then, that the electronic sea of information is a crucial aspect of the auto industry today.
Most Searched Car Brands Around The World In 2016 3 photos
Most Searched Car Brands In Europe In 2016Most Searched Car Brands Around The World In 2016
According to online car parts retailer Quickco, the most Googled car brand in the world in 2016 is Japanese manufacturer Toyota, which bested every other automaker in 74 of the 193 markets that were analyzed. It should be highlighted that 193 is a figure that doesn’t necessarily reflect the actual number of countries on this planet, but the member states of the UN.

Two non-member observer states were left out: The Holy See (Vatican) and Palestine. Taiwan, The Cook Islands and Niue, as well as Dependencies are not included in the count either. This being said, in second place in Quickco’s most searched car brands is BMW, with 51 markets of the grand total. Hyundai settles for third with 17 countries.

A close look will reveal a couple of intriguing realities. Case in point: the U.S. loves Toyota, whereas Mexico, Chile, and the Argentine Republic are head over heels for Chevrolet. Japan and South Korea, meanwhile, are enamored with BMW. Even Madagascar loves BMW to bits. Believe it or not, Nepal has a thing for MINI, the British automaker owned by the BMW Group.

In Russia and India, Hyundai is the top dog, whereas Canada and Brazil are most interested in Honda. Niger loves Bugatti, whereas Jaguar gets the most searches in Belize. Given the study’s findings, it’s rather clear that national loyalty is not as strong as some would expect it to be. Interestingly enough, there’s no mention of Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Maserati.

And for whatever reason, Denmark sure loves its Peugeots.


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