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These Able and Off-Grid Lodges Are Unlike Any Other Camper Trailers You May Have Witnessed
The name Forest River has been known to the RV industry since 1996. With a will and determination to become one of America's largest manufacturers and dealers of nearly any camper, motorhome, or RV style you can think of, this corporation now has its fingers in all the off-grid pies.

These Able and Off-Grid Lodges Are Unlike Any Other Camper Trailers You May Have Witnessed

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With their ability to meet the needs of nearly any customer through numerous brands, Forest River is one of those crews you should have on your list if you're ever looking for an RV or other camper. Well, while searching the works they can achieve, I found that one of their brands, Wildwood Lodge, builds some rather neat travel trailers. Actually, to consider the Wildwood units as trailers or campers is a bit of an understatement; these buggers are more like a blend between a camper trailer and a tiny home.

Come to think of it, the word 'Lodge' was enough to give things away. In case you missed what this article is going to be about, let me just point out that this travel trailer is a more tiny home than a camper in that it features an elevated loft area and space, something campers rarely include.

Now, to get a clear idea of what's happening here, I need to point out that there are six available styles to choose from. Three units are just standard Lodges, while the remaining three are Grand Lodges and include more features and spaces than the basic units. Since the Grand Lodges are the beefier of the bunch, we can focus on those.

I want you to imagine that you or a friend has bought one of these puppies and are now ready to hit the road. Because of the extensive amount of space inside each Grand Lodge, not one but two, maybe even three, families can be taken care of in such a unit.

This is made possible by the large elevated lofts and modular furniture, as well as a ground-level bedroom. Best of all, models vary in such a way as to allow you to modify your loft space to sleep two, three, or even four guests. Maybe you want to leave the kids at home this time and will use this space for things like kayaks, climbing, or other adventure gear, or just store food and clothing.

Back downstairs, wide open spaces are revealed with extensive use of slideouts. Whether you choose a Grand Lodge or a simple one, multiple slideouts are part of the game and include entertainment areas, bedrooms, lounge areas, or however you wish to set up your traveling home.

But sleeping and sitting around doing nothing isn't what this mobile cave is all about. Beyond the basics, each Lodge is equipped to handle off-grid adventures with ease. Water heaters, furnaces, tanks, and an electrical system that can be completed with solar panels await your adventuring minds and souls.

Sure, you may need to invest some cash into your Lodge in order to optimize it to your lifestyle, but then again, everything requires some extra attention these days; why not go all the way and transform this unit into all you and it can be? However, you won't need to do much as ceiling fans, AC units, entertainment centers, and even fireplaces have a place in these towable homes.

If you're wondering how much you can expect to pay for something like this, the Grands start at around $75,000 (€73,300 at current exchange rates), and the standard Lodge costs around $60,000 (€58,700). Of course, this depends on the features your dealership has chosen, but you should bring along the cash necessary to go further. After all, you're building your dream off-grid habitat.

At the end of the day, there's a lot more to discover about the Wildwood Lodges, and some of that discovery is meant for you. After all, what would mobile and off-grid living be without any sort of exploration? That's what I thought, and it seems like these non-stationary homes are ready to assist you in that venture.

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Images in the gallery display an array of Wildwood Lodge floorplans, models, and custom interiors.


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