ThermoTRX Heating System Keeps Your EV Battery Operating at Optimal Temperatures

Sure, the electrification of vehicles is fantastic and all, but there are massive issues with this newfound tech that we're barely starting to address. One major problem with EVs is the effect that cold weather has on their performance and the lifespan of battery arrays. Well, UltraTRX is working on solutions for the e-bike industry to ensure you ride further, longer, and safer, no matter the climate.
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If the name UltraTRX sounds familiar, we've showcased their work on multiple occasions, most notably, their King E-Cheetah e-bike. However, to call the King, an e-bike is a bit of an understatement because that thing can reach speeds upwards of 87 mph (140 kph), granted by 15,000 watts of motor power.

This team is also responsible for some neat battery regeneration tech they recently unveiled, allowing for up to 50% longer rides than before, and if ever you run out of juice while riding around town, the GenerTRX system can recharge your battery, no power cables needed. Now that you have some idea of the team behind the tech we'll be exploring today, let's dive into the ThermoTRX system and see what's in store this time around.

The best way to help you understand what's in store here is to paint a particular picture for you, one where you own or ride an EV. I say own or ride because the following idea doesn't apply just to e-bikes, UltraTRX's cup of tea, but e-scooters, e-mopeds, and even electrified cars. After all, they run on batteries too.

That said, you know precisely what happens if you take your machine out for a spin in colder weather; power levels drop, charge levels drop, and batteries struggle to give you the same amount of range. This is true for all EVs that don't feature any battery temperature tech. For example, the Okai ES20 Neon scooter I'm testing drops in range by nearly a third if I'm riding out in the cold.

Photo: UltraTRX Electric Bicycles
Well, to help solve this problem, UltraTRX thought of a very simple solution, the ThermoTRX. Simply put, all Ultra has done is create a battery heating system that keeps your pack at optimum operating temperatures. Why? I think the answer is rather clear; to keep your battery safe and give you the range you expect to make it home.

Best of all, it's a very simple and effective setup and consists of strips wrapped around a battery pack that heats up to a predetermined temperature and a control unit that is fed by your EV's existing array in case its own lithium cells give out. Yes, lithium is used to keep lithium in check, funny enough. A printed circuit board is also part of the setup and helps regulate functions; we'll get there shortly.

I mentioned the heated strips that wrap around your battery array. Well, that's really the secret to the whole thing. These components are heated by the charge from two rechargeable "button batteries," and this helps keep your pack nice and warm. But, to help ensure that you don't overheat your EV, UltraTRX also installs a thermostat that tells the system to turn on or off.

According to Ultra's website, the thermostat is set at a solid 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius), which means that if the pack's outer shell heats up to anything past that, the system shuts off to prevent overheating. If it drops below, it simply kicks up again, and off you go. My question is: why just 32 degrees Fahrenheit? Ultra tells us that at 20 degrees Fahrenheit (-6.7 Celsius), a battery's power output will drop by 50%. At "...–5 Fahrenheit, lithium cells may completely stop chemically reacting, and you will have no power output and could permanently destroy your battery." Sounds pretty straightforward to me.

Photo: UltraTRX Electric Bicycles
But what does this mean for the average Joe like you and me? So far, we don't necessarily know. What I mean to say is that UltraTRX has a history of showcasing technology that they themselves equip only to their machines. So far, this is true of the GenerTRX system, and this could be true for the ThermoTRX too. Oh, the new tech Ultra has been developing is also applicable to models 2023 and newer, so this is the time to get in on one of their machines.

But I already have an e-bike, and I, too, would love to take advantage of such an idea, so what can I do? Well, judging by the info on this team's website, all that you really need to know is available; just go out there and grab the necessary tools to whip up your own battery-heating system. Just make sure to keep that thermostat at the right levels. Otherwise, you may end up looking like Ghost Rider on a flaming two-wheeler; God forbid.

Personally, I'm all up for the sort of ideas UltraTRX is exploring. Why? Because they're really looking to make e-biking and e-mobility as efficient as possible. With that in mind, I'll be staying in touch with this crew to see what else they can come up with in the future.

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Editor's note: Images in the gallery also include the GenerTRX system.

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